Park Hwi-soon Marriage, Yoo Min-sang “Message of Hope Following Ok Dongja and Oh Ji-heon”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedian Park Hwi-soon is getting married to her girlfriend in November.

Park Hwi-soon said in an official statement on the 22nd, “She kept me silently and stayed with me in a tougher time than ever. Now, I want to protect her for life.”

Next, he explained to the bride-to-be, “Healthy and full of bright energy.”

Fellow comedian Yoo Min-sang appeared on SBS Power FM ‘2’o clock Escape Cultwo Show’ on this day and said, ‘Of the 20 comedians, Park Hwi-soon, Shin Bong-sun and Yoo Min-sang remain single. I am happy to hear the news about Park Hwi-soon’s marriage. Please support me for getting married soon, following Park Hwi-soon.”

On this day, Park Hwi-soon’s prospective bride posted on Park Hwi-soon’s Instagram, “In the meantime, comedian Park Hwi-soon was’Can we have a relationship?’ and ‘When will we get married?’ ‘Who wants to marry Park Hwi-soon?’  Now, I think you can alleviate that worries. I will take you.”

He expressed his affection by saying, “Unlike the appearance, I decided to marry because I was very warm, caring, and caring for me.”

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