Red Velvet Seulgi looks so pretty even when she’s sitting in front of an old supermarket

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Red Velvet Seulgi showed off her beauty in the neighborhood drink.

Seulgi posted a photo on her Instagram on the 22nd with the words “Coffee Milk”.

In the published photo, Seulgi is sitting on the floor in front of the supermarket and drinking coffee milk. Seulgi is a comfortable outfit with a checkered shirt, jeans and sneakers. Seulgi, who seems to be locked in a thought, revealed her cuteness.

The netizens who encountered the photo responded, “I was surprised that Seulgi looks pretty even she’s just sitting in front of the supermarket”, “This is how I take a picture with a phone”, “She’s so pretty even without putting on make-up.”

Photo| Seulgi SNS

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