BDC “Formal debut excitement…I want to be recognized in the global market” [Japanese Q&A]

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Brand New Music’s three-member boy group BDC (Kim Si-hoon, Hong Sung-jun, Yoon Jeong-hwan) will finally release their first EP ‘THE INTERSECTION: BELIEF’ on the 23rd.

‘INTERSECTION’, the only world in which three BDC members moving toward one goal in different spaces at the same time connect each other, and ‘THE INTERSECTION’, a new narrative that describes the process of becoming one while dreaming of that place. ‘THE INTERSECTION: BELIEF’, the starting point of the series, is an album that tells the story of a strong belief that the place surely exists and that we will be there someday.

BDC’s first EP ‘THE INTERSECTION: BELIEF’, created by a group of powerful producers of Brand New Music, such as Master Key, BOOMBASTIC, OUOW, nomad, Elapse, etc. In particular, the title song’SHOOT THE MOON’, which was choreographed by Kim Ye-ji and Yumeki of ‘One Million Dance Studio’ together, is a unique attraction of BDC with high-quality music and performance that is clearly differentiated from other teams.

In addition, the urban trap number ‘DUMP’ with an impressive heavy bass line, the R&B track ‘DROWNING’ with interesting lyrics that compare the appearance of falling in love to the appearance of falling in the sea, and a ballad with acoustic guitar sound and members’ unique vocals. The song ‘I’ll Be a Star’ and the exciting punk pop track ‘GO GET HER’ sung with the agency’s colleague Lee Eun-sang, the album’s completeness was enhanced.

BDC’s album ‘THE INTERSECTION: BELIEF’, which has returned with a detailed view of the world and a differentiated musical concept, will be released at 6 p.m., and from 5 p.m., 1 hour before release, a countdown live to commemorate the release of the album through BDC’s V LIVE channel. Broadcasting is scheduled to proceed.

1. You will make your official debut with ‘THE INTERSECTION: BELIEF’ 11 months after the project single. What do the members think?

Si-hoon: I feel a little nervous because I feel like I’ve stepped into the music industry in earnest. I would like to be the one and only 3-member group that will be remembered by many.

Sung-jun: It’s been a long time, so I’m excited and nervous. Also, the word official debut feels very big, and I am happy that I will be able to consistently show a good image in the future.

Jeong-hwan: I’m so happy to be back after a long time, and I still can’t feel that I’m going back on stage.

2. While preparing for this album, what is the resolution that the members made up for?

Si-hoon: We can work hard together. Regardless of how we look like, regardless of the number of members, we pledged to work hard.

Sung-jun: As we made our appearance more known, we pledged to surprise people by doing a lot of good things.

Jeong-hwan: I was prepared with the determination to clearly show the improved image, especially the teamwork of the three.

3. What are some points you would like to focus on in the title song ‘SHOOT THE MOON’?

Si-hoon: There are a lot of point choreography, especially in the section 1 dance break, which makes the moon. I think it will be fun to see the choreography that changes from a full moon to a new moon.

Sung-jun: If you listen while thinking of leaving somewhere, I think you will be able to feel free as long as you listen to this song. Especially in the highlight choreography, I think the point is our powerful appearance that we haven’t shown much before.

Jeong-hwan: ‘SHOOT THE MOON’ has many parts that can radiate the individual’s charms. I would like you to focus on that point.

4. Would you like to pick a favorite song other than the title song from this album? The reason is that?

(Si-hoon, Sung-jun, and Jeong-hwan all selected ‘I will be a star’)

Si-hoon: The lyrics are so good, and it’s a music genre that I like to listen to these days.

Sung-jun: It seems to be a song that expresses our feelings toward fans as they are.

Jeong-hwan: I am most attached to the lyrics because I think the lyrics will greatly sympathize with the fans who have been waiting for us.

5. How can you express ‘SHOOT THE MOON’ in one word, which has a charm contrary to the last ‘I want to be remembered’?

Si-hoon: Heart sniper.

Sung-jun: Cool and sexy.

Jeonghwan: maturity.

6. What are your goals for this activity? And what is your ultimate goal in the future?

Si-hoon: I hope many people to be curious about us. As we work hard and let more and more people know our existence, I think the results will naturally follow.

Sung-jun: We want to be recognized not only for our other charms, but also for our ability. As I have been, I will continue to strive to grow in all aspects, and in the end, I want to become an artist that is recognized globally.

Jeong Hwan: The goal is always to be No. 1 in Korea, and I will continue to do so.

7. A word to the fans who have been waiting for and cheering you up until now?

Si-hoon: It’s been 11 months since it’s been a comeback, so we’re so grateful for trusting and waiting until the end, and now we’ll repay that wait! Thank you very much.

Sung-jun: It’s been a long time, but thank you so much for supporting me and loving me. In the future, I’ll show you a good look often! I really love you and thank you all the time! In the future, we will only be full of happy life together!

Jeong-hwan: Thank you so much for waiting for 11 months, and we will show you more advanced than the time you waited for, so please look forward to it!

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