First pictorial after Sung Joon’s discharge… Deeper aura

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Sung Joon released a pictorial with a charismatic look and red harmonized through lifestyle magazine’Singles’.

In this pictorial, Sung Joon announced a splendid return by revealing a photo of a suit outfit with various patterns, fashionable vinyl pants, and a party look reminiscent of tailcoat.

In the published pictorial, Sung Joon showed a variety of fashions with a height of 187cm in the background with a red carpet as a motif. He showed off his own fashion with the addition of the superior spirit and solid body line that perfectly digests the colorful patterned suit fashion, while showing off her fashionista-like appearance by digesting the suit outfits that matched a shirt and jacket with a floral pattern.

After being discharged from the military, Sung Joon, who started stretching his activities, said, “I want to remain in my memory as an actor who is good at acting, but it is not easy. “You have to do well,” he said, revealing his beliefs about return.

In addition, Sung Joon showed affection for the works he had appeared in the past and said, “All of the works that have appeared are precious, but the most memorable site among them is the ‘Discovery of Love’ site. I always value the scene more than the role itself. I also remember the filming of ‘Can We Get Married?’”

When asked who would he choose if he could have lunch with one person he wanted with his sci-fi imagination, Sung Joon said, “I want to talk with myself, my old man. How have you been living? I want to ask,” he replied, revealing the sincerity of Sung Joon.

Sung Joon’s pictorial and detailed interview can be found in the October issue of Singles.

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