Kim Ji-soo encourages organ donation pledge “Please interest in bone marrow and cornea donation”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Kim Ji-soo encouraged organ donation.

On the 23rd, Kim Ji-soo released a photo on Instagram with a post saying, “It’s a season to be careful with colds and flu as well as Covid-19.”

The photo shows Kim Ji-soo smiling brightly. Still beautiful beauty catches the eye.

Kim Ji-soo also added, “Please take good care of your health and take good care of the hearts tired of coronavirus,” and “Please pay attention to corneal donation and bone marrow donation.” “I registered for cornea, organ, and bone marrow donation through the Organ Donation Movement Headquarters of Love in 2005. I donated bone marrow in 2011, and bone marrow (hematopoietic stem cells) is something we can do when we are alive, so it has a different meaning.”

When the picture was released, netizens responded with “It’s great”, “I hope you’re healthy”, and “You are doing a lot of good things.”

Photo| Kim Ji-soo SNS
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