‘Love Revolution’,’Charismatic Girl’ Lee Se-hee approaches Park Ji-hoon

[Eul-hee Noh, Intern Reporter, Daily Economy Star Today]

The appearance of a new character approaching Park Ji-hoon of ‘Love Revolution’ is predicted and expectations are rising.

In Kakao TV’s original drama’Love Revolution’ (director Seo Ju-wan, produced Merry Christmas), along with a comedy romance between a pure aegyo man Gongju-young (Park Ji-hoon) and cool beauty Wang Ja-rim (Lee Ruby), dating and friendship of teenagers, It is receiving a lot of attention as it contains dreams and worries realistically. In the last episode, Gong Ju-young appeared on the stage with a talent show at the retreat and sang intense dances as well as faint ballads, expressing her feelings for Wang Ja-rim in front of all students.

In the ‘Love Revolution’ still cut to be released on the 24th, a new third person appeared and focused attention by revealing the appearance of talking to Gong Ju-young. As Harry (played by Lee Se-hee), ironically, he became interested in Gong Ju-young as he watched the stage with a talent who tried to appeal to Wang Ja-rim. Jang Hae-ri is going to come to the classroom of her junior, Gong Ju-young, and express her interest in a reckless way, exuding a fresh charm.

In the published photo, Jang Hae-ri appeared with a long wavy hairstyle, blue colored lenses, and ring earrings, and is smiling with a charming eye smile. He seems to be a character with a style opposite to Wang Ja-rim, who usually wears a chic expression, short sword hair, and neat school uniform. Whether Jang Hae-ri can shake Gong Ju-young’s heart and Wang Ja-rim’s reaction to this, the direction of their love line attracts attention.

The production crew of’Love Revolution’ said, “The relationship between Gong Ju-young, who confessed her heart to Wang Ja-rim, and Jang Hae-ri, who began to pay attention to such Gong Ju-young, will inspire a different vitality in the play. It’s different.”

Also, in the last episode, Wang Ja-rim, who was called on the stage of a talent show due to the appearance of the moderator, had to have a so-called’barrier hug’ that could not reach Gong Ju-young and her body due to the force of the students’ touch, so she is interested in how their relationship will change after the show Collect. In addition, in this episode, it is said that an unexpected event unfolds due to Gong Ju-young’s talent show, raising expectations for what kind of story will unfold in front of Gong Ju-young-Wang Ja-rim and his friends.

Kakao M’s original Kakao TV drama’Love Revolution’ centers on the harsh information and goddess’Wang Ja-rim’ (played by Lee Ruby) and the couple of ‘Gong Ju-young (played by Park Ji-hoon)’, a lovely straight man who fell in love with her at a glance. It is a new concept comedy romance that unfolds. Kakao Talk’s ‘Kakao TV Channel’,’#Kakao TV Tab’ and Naver Series On are available for free every Thursday at 5 pm.


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