‘Missing: The Other Side’ viewers laugh and scream at each episode 6

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‘Missing: The Other Side’ has already been flooded with requests from viewers wishing for ‘Season 2’along with powerful word of mouth.

OCN Saturday and Sunday’s original ‘Missing: The Other Side’ (played by Bang Ki-ri Jeong So-young, director Min Yeon-hong), which airs on the 26th, is set to break new OCN records by recording its own highest ratings each time. It added to the feeling of tightness of the heart, a smile holding the belly button, and a deep touching code, which brought the viewers together in the first row of the master room. So, let’s revisit the episode of ‘Missing: The Other Side’ once again.

Episode #1, the missing dead disappeared like a gimmick! ‘The peak of interest’

This is a scene that has caught the attention of viewers from episode 1. Kim Wook (played by Ko Soo) while trying to escape from some suspicious residents of Duon Village, overheard the conversation between Jang Pan-seok (played by Heo Jun-ho) and Park Byung-eun (played by Lee Ki-chan). Afterwards, Park Byung-eun, who claimed to be the dead, disappeared without a trace in front of Kim Wook and drowned viewers as a group. The shocking identity of the village where the missing dead lives in was revealed, raising expectations for the future’mystery tracking fantasy’.

Episode #2, the missing young deceased Jang Sun-yul-mother’s reunion! ‘Emotional explosion’

This is a famous scene that made viewers’ favorable comments poured out as’well-made healing genre’ in just two episodes. In order to keep his promise with Haneul (played by Jang Sun-yul) that Kim Wook will meet his mother, he called it the unknown duon village. After that, the reunion of the two took place, making the home theater feel ugly. The appearance of Haneul’s mother, who could not recognize the sky that became a soul, and Haneul who jumped into her mother’s arms with joy, finally disappeared as smoke, made viewers’ noses dark. In particular, the background of the beautiful Duon Village and the calm background music harmonized with it, stimulating the feelings of a deeper heart.

Episode #3, Ko Soo and Ahn So-hee’s storm ending! ‘Causing torn’

In episode 3, the desperate mischief of Kim Wook and Lee Jong-ah (played by Ahn So-hee) stood out. Kim Wook and Lee Jong-ah vomited a fever when they heard of the death of Kim Nam-guk (played by Moon Yu-gang), who had been like siblings. In particular, in this scene, Ko Soo made even more regret for those who screamed desperately as if it was hard to believe the death of Moon Yoo-gang, who had lived like his younger brother. In addition, at this time, the three happy past scenes were cross-edited to further maximize their desperate emotions.

Episode #4, Heo Jun-ho, “I can’t go to you yet” monologue at the Ossuary! ‘Tear glands stimulation’

This is the scene of the 4th episode that made viewers dazzle as the past story of Jang Pan-suk wrapped in a veil was revealed. Jang Pan-suk was looking for their missing daughter, unable to leave the village, even though he was alive. In episode 4, in the crypt of my wife who died first, “A local mother. I can’t go to you yet. You can’t leave only our local area. Do you understand?” Jang Pan-suk’s monologue made viewers cry. In particular, in the scene, Huh Jun-ho’s calm words and expressions that suppressed the pain made the viewers’ hearts more dazzling.

Episode #5, Ko Soo and Heo Jun-ho’s humorous moments! “This is my gong” “Induce laughter”

This is the 5th scene where Kim Wook and Jang Pan-suk’s home room Tikitaka properly burst. Kim Wook said to Jang Pan-seok, who started his first scam, “Do you have any acting? “Anyone who is an actor” provocated, and afterwards, Jang Pan-seok made Kim Wook awake with his eyes blinking, saying, “Is anyone, I am anyone?”. But soon Pan-seok Jang changed his face and said, “How is my acting? Are you fine? That this is my gong. “Turn off the lights”, making them chicly lay on the bed and grab the belly button of the viewers. Like this, the two people’s daily conversation ping-pong, which they share in the bedroom just before bedtime, is shooting viewers’ laughter.

Episode #6, the day of memory, ‘the impressive moment’

The 6th ‘Remembrance Day’ event, in which the residents of Duon Village remember, reminisce and comfort each other, gave a deep lingering impression and emotion to the home theater. In particular, colorfully shining lights wrapped around the village, as if containing the wishes of the missing dead to remember them, creating a more mysterious and warm atmosphere. Furthermore, “It’s like a miracle. I wish I could only see my son once. Then, even if I die again, I don’t think I will have a wish.”

On the other hand, OCN Saturday’s original ‘Missing: The Other Side’ is a mystery chase fantasy in which a lost body is found and the truth behind the incident is set in the background of the soul village where the missing dead are gathered. Episode 7 will air at 10:30 pm on Saturday the 26th.


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