‘Playing Sister’ Nam Hyun-hee “2 years of eligibility suspension due to double eyelid surgery as a player

[Eul-hee Noh, Intern Reporter, Daily Economy Star Today]

Former national fencing representative Nam Hyun-hee recalled being suspended from qualification for double eyelid surgery during her career.

In the E-channel entertainment program ‘Playing Sister,’ broadcasted on the 22nd, the appearance of Nam Hyun-hee, Han Yoo-mi, Kwak Min-jeong, and Jeong Yu-in, who visited the Seoul house of the eldest sister, Park Se-ri, spread the storm.

On this day, while the members were talking about the athlete’s grievance, Jung Yu-in cautiously started to talk about the controversy that occurred in the sports world due to Nam Hyun-hee’s plastic surgery in the past.

In response, Nam Hyun-hee said, “I was suspended for two years for having received double eyelids in 2005,” and said, “If you report in advance that you had surgery after controversy, the discipline was commuted to 6 months.

Nam Hyun-hee explained, “It was the time when the double eyelid surgery was just beginning among the players at the time.” And said, “I received a gold medal in the 2005 World Championships team competition and received the team’s permission during the break and received double eyelid surgery.”

The members said, “The reason why Nam Hyun-hee’s plastic surgery was controversial at the time was that the athletes neglected the exercise,” and said that Jung Yu-in and Park Se-ri also had double eyelid surgery.

At the same time, when Han Yoo-mi regretted, “At the time, it was as if a player had been removed without permission and had plastic surgery,” Park Se-ri shared with the athletes’ grievances saying, “That’s right.

Meanwhile, ‘Playing Sister’ is broadcast every Tuesday at 8:30 PM.


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