‘Studio Get It Beauty’ Sunmi, held VLIVE to celebrate the launch of the official YouTube ‘Million View’

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Studio Get It Beauty’ unveiled the first teaser of Main MC Sunmi. Today (23rd) 2pm, you can meet SUNMI’s LIVE on the official YouTube channel ‘Million View’. Jang Do-yeon was appeared as a special MC.

‘Studio Get It Beauty’ is a digital content reorganized around a digital platform aimed at the MZ generation beauty target audience, and is the brand name of a newly launched beauty-specific digital studio. ‘Studio Get It Beauty’ is a content that deals with various trends including beauty and fashion. It will be released in a format optimized for each digital platform such as official YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Main MC Sunmi has unveiled a self-daily makeup teaser that uses only moisture cream, cushion, and red lip. In a pre-interview, Sunmi answered, “If only three cosmetics are left in the world, it is a moisture cream, a cushion, and a red lip.” Sunmi received the mission to complete daily makeup with these three. Sunmi was surprised by saying that it was “an enormous mission,” but soon she began to make up by releasing her own tips. In particular, by completing Sunmi’s signature red lip, she said, “If you press down the oiliness of the lips and apply lipstick, the fixation will be maintained”.

‘Studio Get It Beauty’ launched an official YouTube channel ‘Million Views’. ‘Million View’ means ‘Million Sisters’ Warner View, and all official contents of’Studio Get It Beauty’ can be found here. In addition to detailed product information of ‘View Label’, which has not been seen before, various digital exclusive contents such as beauty and shopping tips, as well as ‘3 minutes a week’ behind the shooting site of MCs and guests will be presented. In addition, it plans to grow into a channel where you can gather the interests of beauty targets in one place with a lineup of original contents tailored to more diverse and customized beauty trends such as ‘Another Review Club’.

On this day, at 2 pm, Sunmi held a live with special MC Jang Do-yeon on YouTube ‘Million View’. In the live, various beauty tips that Sunmi has accumulated over many years, such as revealing Sunmi’s love items and pouches, and shopping tips, will be released. As a result, Jang Do-yeon, who is gaining a lot of popularity with her brilliant sense and flexible progression, made many viewers laugh with her sense of humor as a special MC.

‘Studio Get It Beauty’ will be released for the first time on Friday the 25th. Digital pre-disclosed, and the contents of ‘View Label’ and’Show Label’ are scheduled to meet viewers through Olive and OnStyle TV channels at 11 PM every Friday.


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