‘Amoeba 15th Anniversary’ Dynamic Duo “The reason for arranging jazz songs included in the compilation…” [Japanese Q&A]

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Urban music label Amoeba Culture is releasing its first compilation album ‘THEN TO NOW’ (with. Kim Oki Saturn Ballad) to celebrate its 15th anniversary.

‘THEN TO NOW’, which will be released through various music sites at 6 pm on the 24th, is an album that retraces the past songs of Amoeba Culture, reflecting the slogan of’From then on to now and from now on’. Amoeba Culture’s past masterpieces were reinterpreted with jazz to complete a new album.

Amoeba Culture’s representative artist, Dynamic Duo, introduced ‘THEN TO NOW’ for music fans.

Q. How did you come to compose your compilation album with past songs?

It seemed that it would be a new and more objective feeling than the compilation album made by the company’s artists when one outside producer selected and re-lighted it from among the songs released by our company. I intended to create a song that many would think “Huh? I think I”ve heard a song like this.” I intended to reminisce and remind the melody, but it was nice to have expressed it well beyond what we expected.

Q. How did the track selection work?

We selected about 20 songs that would be representative songs, and Kim Oki chose the most interesting arrangement with jazz among them. I thought, ‘This song will be fun’ and’If I do this song, I think good things will come out.’

Q. How did your collaboration with Kim Oki Saturn Ballad come about?

We wanted to create something in a style we don’t know, so we asked the company’s staff to do new artist research. There were several teams, but the moment I listened to the music of Kim Oki Saturn Ballad, the musical completion was high and stood out.

Q. Why did you work on a jazz version of your compilation album?

I thought I might be tired from being at home for a long time like these days. The jazz arrangement seemed to suit me well as I was thinking about what music would be good for working in cafes, at home, having conversations and working.

Q. Why was it composed only of performance songs without lyrics?

The songs we made are arranged in jazz format, spread as BGM, and while listening to them, drinking and drinking coffee, doing things to do while humming, and talking to each other are good music. I thought that it would be comfortable to talk to each other while listening to this song, so I decided to arrange jazz songs, but I think I did well.

Q. What kind of achievement do you want to achieve through this album?

It is a music that is very comfortable, melts into the atmosphere, and makes you feel the atmosphere rather than the music you hear with your ears. Rather than being clear music in the eyes, he made the mood very cool, and it would be really nice to hear that feeling from autumn to winter. It was cold, but I felt that it would be really nice to listen to it while taking off my coat and drinking a glass of whiskey.

Q. For 15 years, it has been loved by many listeners through various attempts. Do you have any blueprints that amoeba culture would like to show?

Dynamic Duo seems to be working hard for musical activities as the Korean leading hip-hop group. I hope to become a company like this through compromise and agony between the processes of appealing to the public with music. In terms of compromise, the atmosphere and color that makes sense can be found. If new artists come in, they will help us with what we can do, and I hope that it will be a company that can communicate with the public with good music and quality music.


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