BLACKPINK Lisa poster additional release… Secret two-tone hair ‘dreamy’

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

While group BLACKPINK Lisa exudes’dark charisma’, she stimulated the curiosity of global fans with her faint glances.

YG Entertainment added Lisa’s personal poster of BLACKPINK’s 1st album ‘THE ALBUM’ on the official blog at 4 pm on the 24th.

In this poster, Lisa exudes a subtle charm with a secret two-tone hairstyle. With her head raised slightly, his facial expression exudes a girl crush aura is mysterious and dreamy.

Lisa left a strong impression with a studded jacket and hip styling this morning. BLACKPINK is releasing individual posters for each member in sequence, and each is leaving a big lingering effect with the visuals of opposite atmospheres.

With fans’ curiosity and expectations growing, the entire album of BLACKPINK’s 1st album ‘THE ALBUM’ will be released on October 2nd. As it is aimed at the global market, the opening time is 0 o’clock Eastern time in the US and 1 PM on the same day in Korea.

After 4 years of debut, BLACKPINK, who has worked hard for a long time to release her first full album, hit the global music market with pre-release singles’How You Like That’ and’Ice Cream’.

‘How You Like That’ left a brilliant achievement by winning the U.S. MTV Video Music Awards and becoming the ‘Best Song of the Summer’ by YouTube. In addition, ‘Ice Cream’ in collaboration with Selena Gomez recorded 13th on the Billboard ‘Hot 100’ chart in the United States, breaking the highest ranking ever in K-pop girl groups.

These two singles succeeded in box office by showing the drama and extreme charm of BLACKPINK. While ‘How You Like That’ was a song that stood out with BLACKPINK’s unique girl crush and strong charisma, ‘Ice Cream’ captured the hearts of global music fans with the cute and refreshing concept that was first tried after debut.

BLACKPINK’s 1st regular album ‘THE ALBUM’ physical album will be released on October 6th at online and offline record stores nationwide. On October 14, the Netflix original documentary ‘BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky’ will also be released.

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