[Breaking News] Ha Jung-woo and Joo Jin-mo cell phone hackers sentenced to 5 years in prison

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

A group who hacked the cell phones of eight entertainers, including actors Ha Jung-woo and Joo Jin-mo, and demanded money, were sentenced to five years in prison at the first trial.

At 2 pm on the 24th, criminal 19 alone (presiding judge Kim Seong-hoon) of the Seoul Central District Court held a sentence of four people, including Kim, who is being charged with blackmail. The court sentenced Kim to five years in prison, her husband Park to two years and six months in prison, her sister Kim to one year and four months in prison, three years probation, and her husband Moon to one year and six months in prison.

At the decision trial held on the 10th, the prosecutors asked Kim for 9 years in prison, her husband Park for 5 years, her older sister Kim Mo for 3 years, and her husband Moon for 2 years.

They are accused of stealing personal information by hacking the mobile phones of 8 celebrities for 2-3 months from the end of last year to the beginning of this year, and then extorting money and goods as a pretext for this. Eight celebrities, including Joo Jin-mo and Ha Jung-woo, were threatened, and five of them sent money. The amount of damage amounted to 610 million won.

Mr. A, who directed the crime, has not yet been arrested. It is believed that there were some members of the police who made a Korean bank account in charge of chief executive officer A in China, made contact with victims, and threatened. The police are also investigating through international cooperation against Mr. A, a leading domestically registered foreigner known to be in China.


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