Casting lineup for the musical ‘Monte Cristo’, including Choi Min-cheol, Kim Jun-hyun, and Kang Tae-eul

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The musical ‘Monte Cristo’ (produced by EMK), which starts in November, has released a poster for the character of the main character.

On the 24th, the musical ‘Monte Cristo’, which celebrated its 10th anniversary, drew attention by announcing the casting lineup of the major cast members who lead the solid narrative of the work. The casting announced this time is the 16 actors in 7 roles, including the charming villains Mondego, Villefort, and Danglars who intrigue the protagonist, Edmond Dantes, and the figure that perfectly melted into the role in the character poster released together is 4 It is raising expectations for ‘Monte Cristo’, which has returned after a year.

The attractive villains of the musical ‘Monte Cristo’ received a lot of love from the audience as well as the lead role. Among them, Choi Min-cheol, Kim Jun-hyun, and Kang Tae-eul were cast in the role of ‘Mondego’, which was loved by the most audience.

As Edmond’s friend ‘Mondego’, who commits unforgivable evil to occupy Mercedes, actor Choi Min-cheol, who has participated for 5 consecutive years since its premiere, and has shown the overwhelming prowess of taking control of the stage without addition or subtraction, is the perfect match for the original ‘Mondego’. Along with him, Kim Jun-hyun, a fatal charisma who dominates the stage with charisma and vocal power that stands out in bold works such as ‘Jack the Ripper’, ‘Marie Antoinette’, and ‘Excalibur’, ‘Dracula’ and ‘The Smiling Man’ ,’Anna Karenina’, etc., based on her solid skills, actor Kang Tae-eul, who evolves characters of various widths into her own colors, is expected to solidify one axis of the drama.

Next, in the role of Edmond’s teacher and benefactor ‘Father Paria’, whom he met in the prison, actor Lee Jong-moon, who adds weight to the play with a sincere voice in various works such as ‘Rebecca’, ‘Excalibur’ and ‘Death Note’ 2016 After joining for the second time, it is expected to play a role in evoking the atmosphere of the play with the image of Edward’s mentor and friend full of humanity. Along with him, actor Moon Sung-hyuk, who has a witty appearance in ‘Mozart!’, ‘Marie Antoinette’, and ‘Matilda’, is cast in the atmosphere of the audience, showing a heavy presence and a geek scholar at the same time to impress the audience. It is a prospect.

In addition, Choi Seong-won, who was recognized for his outstanding skills through works such as ‘The Laughing Man’, ‘Dracula’, and ‘Mephisto’, as a Villefort prosecutor who commits injustice for his political ambition, and ‘Marie Curie’, ‘Fanletter’, ‘ Lim Byul, who became known to many audiences, was cast in ‘Letters for You’, and the only one who digested the character as a one-cast in ‘Mozart!’, ‘Laughing Man’, and’Excalibur’ in the role of Danglars, an ambitious chasing money and success. Actor Lee Sang-jun, who is loved by the audience for one charm, and Lee Han-mil, who is impressed with the voice that resonates deeply in appeal in ‘Something Rotten’, ‘Marie Antoinette’, and ‘Gwanghwamun Love Song’ and the acting ability that heavily supports the weight of the work. Wheat joins and gives an expectation.

In addition, in the role of ‘Louis’, the captain of the pirate ship, helping Edmond who became Count of Monte Cristo, luxury actor Kim Young-joo and ‘Mozart!’, who showed unrivaled presence and charisma in’Mozart!’,’Mammamia’, and’Chicago’, etc. Actor Jeon Soo-mi, loved for his cool singing skills and warm image, will show a different charm by casting’Them of March’ and’The Last Kiss’. In addition, actor Park Joon-hui, who has been recognized by the audience for his own charms in the role of’Albert’, an adventurous young man who regards Count Monte Cristo as an idol, ‘Bistie’, ‘Ludwick’, and ‘Pungwolju’,’Sweeney Todd’ and’Nijinsky’ , Jaebum Shin, who emerged as a musical star rising through’The Devil’, was cast. Lastly, Albert’s fiancée and daughter of Villefort’s daughter ‘Valentine’ are expected to add vitality to the play by adding the names of the rising new stars Yun Jo, Lim Ye-jin and Choi Ji-hye.

The musical ‘Monte Cristo’, which is raising expectations for the 10th anniversary performance with an enchanting cast more than ever, mobilizes 450,000 audiences from 15 cities in Korea including Seoul through four seasons, creating the essence of a’well-made musical’. It is a work that has created an unbeaten box office story by showing it, and it surpasses the fun with the addictive music of Frank Wildhorn, the musical composer most loved by Koreans, and the spectacular script and lyrics of his partner Jack Murphy. It is a work that has been steadily loved by the Korean public for the past 10 years, providing emotion and pleasure.

The musical ‘Monte Cristo’, which announced the best season with the stage where the know-how of 10 years has been gathered this season, will mark its 10th anniversary at the LG Art Center from November 17th.

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