Kim Ji-woo, dieter tired after exercising “No frustration no matter what happens”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Kim Ji-woo has verified that she is enthusiastic about exercising before the body profile shoot.

Kim Ji-woo posted a photo on Instagram on the 24th, saying, “No frustration is allowed no matter what happens. You are so exhausted in front of the phrase ‘There is nothing you can’t achieve. You can do it!!!'”

In the photo, Kim Ji-woo was exhausted and collapsed. She seems to be resting because she is tired while exercising.

When Kim Ji-woo, who is exercising passionately for a body profile shoot recently, revealed her exhausted appearance, netizens responded with “It was a lot of trouble”, “It’s great”, and “It’s cool to exercise.”

Photo| Kim Ji-woo SNS
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