‘South Korean Foreigners’ Tei “I ate 42 bowls of noodle” glutton scale

[Eul-hee Noh, Intern Reporter, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Tei revealed the downscale of the glutton.

In the MBC Every1 entertainment program ‘South Korean Foreigners’, which aired on the 23rd, the main actors Tei, Min Woo-hyuk, Seo Hyun-cheol and comedian Jang Dong-min of the musical ‘Gwangju’ appeared as guests and held a quiz confrontation.

On this day, MC Kim Yong-man said, “Tei has emerged as an emerging powerhouse in the food industry,” and asked, “What is your favorite food?”

“Rather than having food that I particularly like, I really like the house meal that my mother makes.” “My rice cooker serves about 14 people. If my mother cooks the house meal to me and my younger brother, she has to cook it twice.”

In the meantime, Tei said, “My mother once said that my younger brother wanted to eat noodles one day. Probably at that time, he served 42 people, but I ate it all with my younger brother. It seems like I’m buying two or three times.”

Afterwards, when asked by MC Park Myung-soo about how much meat he eats, Tei showed a leisurely room as an emerging powerhouse in the food industry, saying, “It doesn’t matter how many servings you eat. Meat is about a side dish. It seems like eating rice makes you feel full.”

On the other hand, Tei said Min Woo-hyuk also eats a lot. Tei said, “I went to a snack bar with four people, including Min Woo-hyuk, and they ate 120,000 won” and made me laugh.

Meanwhile, ‘South Korean Foreigners’ is broadcast every Wednesday at 8:30 pm.


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