‘Trot Awards’ Nam Jin·Jang Yoon-jung→Lim Yeong-woong·Young Tak…confirmed the lineup of the previous class [Official]

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

At the ‘2020 Trot Awards’, Korea’s representative trot singers Nam Jin, Seol Woon-do-Tae Jin-ah, Song Dae-kwan, Joo Hyun-mi, Jang Yoon-jung will attend.

The TV Chosun ‘2020 Trot Awards’, held at 8 pm on October 1st, is the first Trot Awards ceremony held in the history of Korean pop songs, and is the first Trot Grand Prix Show in Korea to settle the 100 years of Trot and explore the next 100 years. Trot singers who have shared the joys and sorrows of Korea for a long time, and awards expressing their appreciation for them, as well as exciting stages with emotion and healing are unfolded.

Above all, with ‘National Legend’ Lee Mi-ja appearing in special appearances in ‘2020 Trot Awards’,’Trot King’ Nam Jin,’Trot Four Legendary men’ Seol Woon-do-Tae Jin-ah, Song Dae-kwan, ‘Trot Queen’ Joo Hyun-mi,’ Trot Goddess’ Jang Yoon-jung will join the ‘2020 Trot Awards,” the first trot awards ceremony in Korea. Here, Lim Young-woong, Young-tak, Lee Chan-won, Jung Dong-won, Jang Min-ho, and Kim Hee-jae, who are the leading contributors of Trot Boom of all generations, will also participate in the Awards. Since the beginning of the Trot’s heyday, trot singers who swept through the current Trot Highway era are gathering together, raising expectations for the’Generation Integration Awards’.

First, Nam Jin, who has the modifiers ‘National Treasure King Trot’ and ‘Elvis Presley of Korea’, played the leading role of the’Original Brothers’ Unit, who led the Trot’s heyday from 1960 to 1970. The situation being. At this awards ceremony, attention is being paid to what stage to show unity with juniors.

Seol Woon-do-Tae Jin-ah, Song Dae-kwan, Trot Four Legendary men, led the revival of the history of Trot in Korea in the 1980s and 1990s. They poured out mega hit songs that all the people sang along with, and continued to be a trot in various genres such as ballads, R&B, and hip-hop. In the second year of her debut in the late 1980s, she swept the top 10 singers and best singers, and during the period when she was struggling with the absence of a female singer star, Joo Hyun-mi, who became the ‘Trot Queen’, also appeared. In the 2000s, Joo Hyun-mi promoted collaboration with junior singers and trot to promote the revival of a new trot.

Jang Yoon-jung, who raised the power of Trot, which risked losing the popularity in the 2000s, joins. Jang Yoon-jung made a mark in the history of Trot, with an unprecedented popularity among trot singers, and proudly winning the first place in the music ranking program that swept only idols, and being considered the most influential singer among trot singers. In addition, Jang Yoon-jung played an active part as a master in ‘Miss Trot’ and ‘Mr.Trot’, which brought trot’s new revival, and showed his true value by leading trot juniors to the flower path.

Lastly, the top 6 ‘Mr. Trot’, which literally caused a’generational trot blast’ in Korea in 2020, Lim Young-woong, Young Tak, Lee Chan-won, Jung Dong-won, Jang Min-ho, Kim Hee-jae also attended the awards ceremony and conveyed their special heart. At the largest trot festival on the ground, the TOP6 is focused on the colorful stage that will be shown with great seniors.

The production crew said, “At the news of the first trot awards ceremony in Korea, legendary trot singers representing Korea opened their arms and welcomed the appearance. Other top-notch singers will also appear, and in difficult times due to Covid-19, it will bring healing and impression to the people.”

Meanwhile, the ‘2020 Trot Awards referendum’, which has been operated through the official application of ‘Miss & Mr. Trot’ since the 2nd, includes’Popularity Awards for Men-Women’ and’Trot Singer Awards Selected by Teenagers’, which can only participate under the age of 19. It is held in the’Global Star Award’ category. In the’popular male-female division’, where a fireworks competition is taking place with a total of 2.6 million votes pouring out after 19 days, votes are held until the live broadcast date on October 1, and the results will be announced on the spot.


Photo courtesy| TV Chosun ‘2020 Trot Awards’

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