Lucy “The first appearance of ‘Immortal Song’ is an impressive moment to us…Glory to a stage with seniors” [pictorial]

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

The band Lucy made a blast from the beginning of their debut.

Recently, the beloved band Lucy performed a pictorial with AtStyle (@star1) by showing characteristic music with the new song ‘Jogging’. Lucy showed a variety of poses and completed a pictorial that stands out for each other’s perfect breath.

Lucy is a group that first took a look at the public as she ranked second in JTBC’s ‘Super Band’. It officially debuted in May 2020, and in August, it announced its name as a unique band by releasing the’jogging’ of the first mini album ‘Panorama’.

Lucy, who first appeared on KBS2’s ‘Immortal Song’ aired on the 26th, and won the first place, said, “It seems to be thanks to the continued support and encouragement of senior singers who appeared together. It was a great honor to be able to stand on the stage with my seniors,” he said. “Kim Wan-seon asked our phone number, saying that she wants to work with us. Her song, “Most Prom”, is a very famous song, and it seems that we were able to achieve meaningful results thanks to the efforts of producer Won Sang-i on the arrangement.”

When asked if there was any pressure on being the first band group to be shown in Mystic Story, he said, “I was confident rather than burdened.” “It is rare for a band to write songs, have violinists, and even sing songs by drummers. Lucy is a band that stands out for each member. We want to approach the public as a special band differentiated from other bands.”

For the mini album’Panorama’ in which the members of Lucy participated in the lyrics and composition of all songs, producer Yoon Jong-shin praised the song, saying, “The lyrics are more like writing than you.” It is very regrettable that I have never performed before,” and said, “I plan to meet fans through various channels and methods such as YouTube and SNS.” The band members also expressed their anticipation for meeting fans.

The band Lucy’s pictorial and interview can be found on the AtStyle website.

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