‘My Way’ shows ‘Human Ahn Chul-soo’, parcel arrangement-brunch preparation ‘Housewife’

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

The new appearance of ‘Human Ahn Chul-soo’, who is not a politician for the 9th year of the party’s representative, is revealed.

On the Chuseok special TV Chosun ‘Star Documentary My Way’, which airs at 10 p.m. on the 28th, ‘Human Ahn Chul-soo’ is illuminated from cotyledons to the unique childhood of Ahn Chul-soo, who spends his daily life as a normal husband.

On this day’s broadcast, it is scheduled to show the appearance of a high-level housekeeper, ‘Ahn Housewife’, by organizing the items delivered at dawn in time for the Untact era and preparing coffee and brunch for his wife.

In addition, a house that has not been easily seen in the past is also disclosed. CEO Ahn said, “(Originally) I am doing this because I want to keep the books I read, so I want to keep the books I read.” He reveals the reasons why he can’t leave the house where he has been living for 7 years since his old hobby, which he found in Ahn’s house full of books.

The show also met with alumni of Busan High School, talking about ‘high school student Ahn Cheol-soo’ rather than ‘husband Ahn Cheol-soo’. Ahn said that he was not interested in studying, and his old friends’ unstoppable revelation leads to laughter.

In addition to the disclosure, various episodes of ‘High School Student Ahn Chul-soo’ that only best friends know will be released. You can also check the grievances of friends with politicians and the heartfelt stories of Representative Ahn, who can confide openly because they are friends.

On the other hand, Ahn expressed his affection for running, saying, “I only become ‘Human Ahn Chul-soo’ when running”. When he was out of politics for a while, he worried about his daughter going out to run alone one morning in Germany, so he started running with her daughter.

Now, he has become a professional marathoner who can also ‘complete the national race marathon’, adding, “It is similar in life to living by doing your best from moment to moment.”

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