‘Phantom Singer 3’ Gil Byung-min releases first album, ‘A Time to Blossom’… Online fan meeting on the 5th of next month

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Bass baritone Gil Byeong-min from’Phantom Singer 3′ releases his debut album ‘A Time to Blossom’. Having won international competitions and mainly active in opera and artist songs on the European stage, he focused on creative songs in Korean that can best express his identity and emotion in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Korean songs.

This album contains new songs made for Gil Byeong-min, including creative songs that are loved by the public. With songs full of our mood and dramatic emotion, this is a Korean songbook that anyone can easily enjoy.

The title song ‘A Time to Blossom’ is a new song created for Gil Byeong-min’s album is created by composer Noh Young-sim and poet Lee Byung-ryul. In this song that sings about the pain and longing for a moment that couldn’t come, Gil Byeong-min resonates with the listener’s heart with his unique rich emotion and appealing voice.

Another new creative song, ‘Lake’, is a modern and sophisticated song created by poet Lee Byung-ryul with lyrics added to the song by Park Jong-hwa, a rookie composer who graduated from Seoul National University Department of Composition and Graduate School of Engineering, Seoul National University. It gives the feeling of a drama unfolding as if watching a single movie.

The video of Yoon Hak-Jun, who sang at the Chosun Ilbo rookie concert immediately after graduating from Seoul National University, was an unfamiliar repertoire, but gained tremendous number of hits and sang a sensation enough to become a major repertoire for middle-aged vocalists. In this album, new arrangements have been added to the song’s completeness.

In addition, Gil Byeong-min’s major repertoire was included, such as ‘I can’t forget’, ‘Love Song’, ‘Starry Night’, ‘Seesaw Riding’, ‘My Spring’, and ‘Correct Confession’.

In particular, in this album, middle-sized pianist Kim Jeong-won not only played the piano for the entire album, but also participated as a producer directly and attracted attention.

In addition, director Jang Sung-hak, who is recognized as the highest authority in this field, produced numerous online performances and broadcast videos after the Naver V Salon concert as an engineer.

This album, produced by the up-and-coming classical music label, Chrys Classic, will also be released as an LP. Recitals to commemorate the release of the album will be held in Seoul, Goyang and Busan.

All seats were sold out in one minute at the same time as the tickets opened on September 25th. An online fan meeting will also be held at 8 pm on October 5th.

Gil Byeong-min, who has recently secured public awareness and a solid fandom through JTBC’s ‘Phantom Singer 3’, is expected to contribute to the expansion of the base of classical music and the popularization of classical music in the future.

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