‘The taste of wife’ Jung Dong-won, Nam Seung-min, Lim Do-hyung, learn cooking from Big Mama

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘The taste of wife’ Jung Dong-won, Nam Seung-min, and Lim Do-hyung receive’all about super-simple home-cooked meals’ from Lee Hye-jung, a cooking researcher.

In episode 117 of the TV CHOSUN entertainment program ‘The Taste of Wife’ to be broadcast on the 29th (Tuesday), Jung Dong-won, Nam Seung-min, and Lim Do-hyung visited Lee Hye-jung, Big Mama, fiercely cook to become masters. A special cooking class will be held, and three young singers learn have a special competition, while learning some nifty tips to cook home meals that many people need to know.

Jung Dong-won, Nam Seung-min, and Lim Do-hyung, who met with Big Mama Lee Hye-jung last week, were admiring the taste of Big Mama’s welcome food. Above all, Jung Dong-won, who will be moving to a school in Seoul, and Nam Seung-min, who has recently started to live alone after leaving his parents’ house, and Lim Do-hyung, the master of the food room, each conveyed their concerns about cooking, and Lee Hye-jung announced a special cooking class and raised expectations. Raised.

First, in the cooking class, which started with a simple cooking test, Trot Boys revealed a whole bunch of hidden cooking skills that could not be seen anywhere else. Each fried egg attracted attention with a variety of shapes with different personalities. In addition, in order to become a master of ‘Big Mama Lee Hye-jung’, the boys’ sparkling cooking battle took place. Curiosity is rising as to who will be the protagonist who will win the glorious title of ‘Big Mama’s Master’ by breaking through the 3-1 competition rate.

In particular, Jung Dong-won, who proved his aspect as a ‘talented musician’ by changing the genre from trot to classical music, was surprised to be reborn as a’cooking gifted child’ this time with his excellent cooking skills. The site where Jung Dong-won, who showed unusual skills from the cooking test, completed Dong Won’s special Kimchi Fried Rice, which surprised Big Mama Lee Hye-jung. Interest is attracting attention to what kind of evaluation Big Mama would have given after eating Jung Dong-won’s dishes.

On the other hand, Big Mama Lee Hye-jung introduced a fried rice sauce recipe with “this special tip” in ‘Wife’s Taste’ for the first time. It is the first time to unveil the ‘Universal Sauce’ recipe that makes delicious fried rice whatever you add. In addition, Big Mama Lee Hye-jung’s unique tips for enjoying fried pork meat without rice, and a generous serving of dishes made by Trot Boys, plus Big Mama’s delicate side dishes, stimulates the salivary glands of viewers.

The production crew said, “The Trot Boys, who are more passionate about eating than anyone else, had a meaningful and precious time to meet Big Mama Lee Hye-jung, the master of house food.

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