[Exclusive] Kim Hyung-jun wins sexual assault innocence “Thank you for revealing the truth”

[Reporter Lee Da-kyum Park Se-yeon, Daily Economy Star Today]

“I am grateful that the truth will eventually be revealed.”

Group SS501 Kim Hyung-jun (33) won the lawsuit for accused of sexual assault and completely cleared the unfair suspicion.

As a result of Maeil Business Daily’s report on Star Today, a woman who innocently and defamed Kim Hyung-jun was sentenced to eight months in prison and imprisoned in court at a sentencing trial held at the Goyang Branch of the Uijeongbu District Court on the 25th.

A filed a lawsuit in March of last year, alleging that she had been raped by Kim Hyung-jun 10 years ago. Accordingly, in April of last year, Kim Hyung-jun sued her on charges of innocence and defamation, and faithfully engaged in a police investigation.

After conducting an investigation into Kim Hyung-jun and A, the police concluded that Kim Hyung-jun was ‘no charge’ and dismissed Kim Hyung-jun without prosecution.

After that, naturally, A’s innocence and defamation were accused of being accused, and the plaintiff was sentenced to imprisonment in the final sentence while being tried in a state of disability, and was arrested in court. It was revealed that A has continued to defame Kim Hyung-jun online afterwards.

Kim Hyung-jun’s agency SDKB official said on Maeil Business Daily Star Today, saying, “I am grateful that the truth will eventually be revealed”, but felt sorry for this situation in which he was exposed to innocence and defamation just because he was a celebrity.

An official said, “It is unreasonable to be a subject of unilateral blame when the other party is anonymous and the real name of the celebrity is revealed without the truth being revealed. It is an unreasonable personality murder.” “It is really painful to be sold and to be stigmatized.”

In fact, Kim Hyung-jun was on a world tour preparing to return to the entertainment world after the military discharge, but due to the suspicion, all projects had to be stopped. As a result, the management company explained that the mental damage as well as financial damage was beyond imagination.

The agency is also considering a claim for civil damages against A. An official said, “Since the criminal case has ended, we will also proceed with civil damages.” He said, “We are going to take a strong response so that we don’t have it.”


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