‘Idol on the Quiz’ changed to “Saturday morning broadcast from October 10” (official)

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

The organization of ‘Idol on the Quiz’ will be changed to 11:30 am on Saturday, which is the family time zone.

KBS2 ‘Idol on the Quiz’ is a program in which multinational K-POP idols play a sparkling quiz to win the quiz.

On the 29th, the production crew of ‘Idol on the Quiz’ said that the show will be on air at 11:30am on Saturday instead of 8:30 on Monday evening from the 12th Hangeul Day special feature.  Since the recent novel coronavirus, the schedule has been changed to 11:30 am on Saturday for viewers who have more time with their families, visiting more diverse family viewers.

‘Idol on the Quiz’ has been well received as a quiz show with global idols that encompasses all generations, from the myth of ’23-year idol’, which is the same as the history of K-pop, to ‘4th generation idol’ Stray Kids and The Boyz. In particular, it is captivating viewers with a quiz that allows the whole family to laugh, enjoy, and empathize with literature, politics, economy, as well as new words, and the charm of the ‘Idol version of Family Entertainment’. Expectations and interests are gathered in the upgraded ‘Idol on the Quiz’ that will provide more exciting fun with the schedule change on Saturday.

‘Idol on the Quiz’, which has been reorganized, will be broadcast every Saturday at 11:30 am from the 12th Hangeul Day special.


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