‘Invention King’ U-Know Yunho visits the Korean Intellectual Property Office, “I feel like waiting before receiving a music award”

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

In the’Invention King’, U-Know Yunho goes to the’Development’ for a patent application.

In the ‘Invention King’, which will be released on the 29th, the behind-the-scenes of U-Know Yunho’s patent application will be disclosed. From ‘Fact telling’ of ‘old invention team partner’ Son Ho-jun and best friend Dindin’s on the inventions so far, ‘Develop’, an invention with an actual patent attorney, will also be released. In particular, actor Son Ho-jun and singer Dindin boast of a pack-poking talk that embarrassed not only U-Know Yunho, but also the production crew. Yunho Yunho’s invention madness, who constantly develops from the cold evaluation of his acquaintances ahead of his visit to the Intellectual Property Office, is going to burst once again.

In the 7th episode of ‘Invention King’, Yunho’s exploding best friend Chemie and the story behind the patent are all scheduled to capture the hearts of subscribers. In each episode, the result of Yunho’s exploding invention madness is checked midway. It is expected that the behind-the-scenes of U-Know Yunho, who visited the Korean Intellectual Property Office and gathered the topic, will be disclosed. In particular, U-Know Yunho, who visited the KIPO with an invention that went through ‘development’, said, “It feels like waiting before receiving a music award.” He will show his sincerity about the invention.

In particular, the’best friend chemistry’ between U-Know Yunho and real acquaintances draws attention. U-Know Yunho asked for the thoughts of acquaintances about his inventions for a patent application. U-Know Yunho, who attempted to connect Son Ho-jun, who was once a crew of the invention team, to Soo-young of Girls’ Generation, his ‘natural enemy’, and singer Dindin, is going to show an invention madness that does not give in to the unexpected ‘fact telling’. In particular, actor Son Ho-jun said, “Thank you to the production crew for what you invented so far,” and said, “I’m a best friend for 20 years, so I pour out the possible pack width and cause laughter.”

In addition, Singer Dindin, who appeared as a surprise due to her loyalty with U-Know Yunho, is going to make a big success as a ‘fact telling’ for inventions, so it adds fun. Dindin, who made a surprise visit to the ‘Invention King’ invention mini exhibition, made the scene a sea of laughter with a unique talk and a special chemistry with U-Know Yunho. The inventions are experienced by Dindin and patent attorneys, and actual reviews are expected to be released.

The web entertainment ‘Invention King’, where you can check the behind-the-scenes of Yunho’s patent and chemistry with ‘Fact teller’ Dindin and actor Son Ho-jun, will be available at A&E Korea’s digital channel Dallas Studio at 6:30 pm on Tuesday the 29th. ‘Invention King’ is released every Tuesday evening at 6:30 at Dallas Studio.


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