Jang Yoon-jung releases a new song ‘Good You’ today (29th)… “Warm comforting”

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Trot singer Jang Yoon-jung’s new song ‘Good You’ is released as a sound source.

Jang Yoon-jung will release the sound source of the new song ‘Good You’ at 6 pm on the 29th. ‘Good You’ is a retro folk trot genre song that expresses gratitude to loved ones, and has a lovely and sultry melody. Jang Yoon-jung delivers warm consolation through ‘Good You’ to those who are struggling through difficult times.

This song is a song by top hit composer Cho Young-soo and hit lyricist Kang Eun-kyung for ‘national singer’ Jang Yoon-jung. Cho Young-soo and Kang Eun-kyung, who worked on Jang Yoon-jung’s ‘Next Door Sister’ released in 2017, hit Hong Jin-young’s ‘Battery of Love’, ‘Life is’, and Lee Seung-cheol’s ‘There is No One Like You’.

In particular, the special LP ‘Jang Yoon-jung BEST 2020’ contains a number of hit songs including the new song ‘Good You’. The special LP, re-recorded in this session, contains all the heyday of Jang Yoon-jung, from Jang Yoon-jung, who was in her twenties, when she was rejuvenated, to now as a wife and mother of a family.

SIDE A of the special LP consists of a uniquely developed oriental ballad that starts with a traditional trot and ends with a ballad, ‘Local Train to Mokpo’, ‘Love is’, ‘First Love’, and ‘Songin’. It presents a deep lingering effect with songs that lightly contain the new genre and the voice of Jang Yoon-jung’s unique appeal.

SIDE B includes the new song ‘To Destiny’, which was previously released on June 8, as the title track. ‘To Destiny’ is a trot and Jazz&Blues arrangement, and the atmosphere of the early trot music in Korea is harmonized with Jang Yoon-jung’s unique voice to evoke memories.

Along with this, there are a number of representative songs that have made Jang Yoon-jung what he is today, such as ‘First Spirit’, ‘Jang Yoon-jung Twist’, ‘Anxious’, and ‘Jjanjjara’. The sound source of ‘Jang Yoon-jung BEST 2020’ and a special LP will provide memories that pass through the times to all those who love Jang Yoon-jung and care about trot.

Jang Yoon-jung, who debuted in the music industry in 2003 with ‘Oh my God’, sparked a sensation of’Oh my God’ with his plump energy and friendly charm. Since then, every song released, such as ‘Jjanjjara’, ‘Flower’, ‘Sometimes, Later’, ‘Jang Yoon-jung Twist’, ‘First Spirit’, etc., has been loved by all generations, and has become a Korean trot queen, a modifier called ‘Queen of Trot’.

Meanwhile, ‘Jang Yoon-jung BEST 2020’ will be released through various music sites at 6 pm on the 29th.


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