K2 Kim Seong-myeon took off charges of fraud… “I’m also the victim. The investor dropped the complaint against me” [General]

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer K2 Kim Seong-myeon, who was accused of investment fraud, completely lifted the charges.

In an official position on the 29th, Kim Seong-myeon said, “I met and talked with the complainant Mr. A, and in the process, a mutual consensus was formed that I was also a victim of this incident and agreed smoothly. Today, Mr. A dropped the complaint against me and I was completely excluded from this case.”

He continued, “I was defamed by the flaw-type reporting just because I was official, but as a member of this society, I hope that the same case will not occur again.” “We plan to faithfully carry out the schedule given, such as album work and broadcasting, which were previously scheduled. I will leave the case to the investigative agency for further processing.”

Earlier on the 28th, it was reported that Kim Seong-myeon is being investigated by the police for fraud. The accuser, Mr. A, invested 30 million won for the production of the album, but filed a criminal and civil lawsuit against Kim Seong-myeon, claiming that the profit was not distributed in accordance with the set ratio.

When such news became known, Kim Seong-myeon made an official position through his legal representative. Kim Seong-myeon, the legal representative, said that Mr. B, who he learned through the introduction of an acquaintance in 2016, could contact Kim Seong-myeon and introduce new single-related investors after three years. Explained the situation that it had signed.

“Mr. A invested 30 million won in the name of producing a single music video and promoting the media, and Mr. B was in charge of marketing such as broadcasting appearances, performances, advertisements, and public relations such as press showcase. In the contract, music revenue, appearance fees, and advertising revenue were distributed on a condition that three people distribute at a certain rate, and Kim Seong-myeon gave money to Mr. B according to the agreement when Mr. B said ‘receipt receipt was delegated from A’.”

“However, as a result of confirming with Mr. A, Mr. A said that he had never delegated proceeds to Mr. B,” said Kim Seong-myeon, a legal representative. Mr. A complained of resentment that he and Mr. B sued the innocent Kim Seong-myeon as an accomplice, even though he knew that Kim Seong-myeon was deceived by Mr. B.”

When Mr. A dropped the complaint, Kim Seong-myeon was completely removed from the fraud charge. Kim Seong-myeon is going to find viewers through the SBS entertainment program ‘Flaming Youth’ that airs on this day.

Meanwhile, Kim Seong-myeon, who debuted as a vocalist for rock group Pinocchio in 1992, gained great popularity by releasing ‘Between Love and Friendship’, ‘You Lost’, and ‘The Glass Castle’.


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