KBS Korean National Music Orchestra selects ‘the sound of healing, the feast of Korean music’ for Chuseok

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

KBS Korean National Music Orchestra with the wish that everyone could spend more comfortably and peacefully than any Chuseok in any year, like Chuseok, a holiday that is rich with the ripening of the five-grain encyclopedia, is’the sound of healing, traditional music. ‘Feast of’ was prepared. It has prepared various Korean traditional music contents that can be enjoyed online this Chuseok.

First, the KBS Gugak Hanmadang made a special Chuseok special with KBS Korean National Music Orchestra. Beginning with the ‘Feast of Light’ composed by Son Da-hye, following the ‘Hongboga’s Bak in the Middle’ by the duet of Nam Sang-il and Park Ae-ri, we prepared a Seodo folk song series, a Gyeonggi folk song series, and a Namdo folk song series to soothe nostalgia through the sound of hometown.

Eorumsani (the head of the people who line up at Namsadang plaque) Namchang-dong’s ‘Fuku-rope-riding’ brought to life the original taste of a forgotten traditional game. Finally, the former performers sing together in Gangwon-do, Haeju, and Jindo Arirang, representing each region. It was concluded with an eternal folk song of our nation that suits our nation’s premier holiday.

In addition, KBS Korean National Music Orchestra is producing ‘Visit Home Concert’, a concert that is enjoyed at home instead of a concert hall, as a part of social distancing due to the Covid-19, and the ninth stage specially planned ahead of this Chuseok is ‘Long live for a thousand years’, These are three songs:’Flute Ensemble No. 1’and ‘Sangju Arirang’.

The haegeum ensemble song ‘Thousand Years Manse’, composed by Park Gyeong-hoon, is a song arranged with new melodies top and bottom centered around the original song, taking advantage of the characteristics of Haegeum, which has a relatively wide range of Korean musical instruments. As part of the 97 Piri History Festival, ‘Piri Ensemble No. 1’, written under commission, focused on making use of the characteristics of the sound resulting from various transpositions and changes in the rhythm. The last song was ‘Sangju Arirang’, also known as Unification Arirang among Arirang, and Sangju Arirang, known as the masterpiece of Kim So-hee in the 1950s, was reborn as a Daegeum performance.

Although KBS is exhausted and hard enough to campaign’Knowing Chuseok Holiday, Family Hearts Become One’ with the prolonged Covid-19, KBS overcomes this by appreciating our voice prepared by the KBS Korean National Music Orchestra during this holiday. KBS said it hopes KBS Korean National Music Orchestra would help a little.


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