‘Oh! Samkwang Villa’ Lee Jang-woo’s exposure scene clip video deleted

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Oh! Samkwang Villa!’ has deleted the clip of the exposed scenes, which was in the controversy of sexual harassment.

KBS2 weekend drama ‘Oh! Samkwang Villa’ stopped the clip video service containing Woo Jae-hee (Lee Jang-woo) exposure. The portal site and official site clip video replays were deleted.

‘Oh! Samkwang Villa’ side said on the 29th, Maeil Business Daily Star Today, “It is correct that the current clip video service has been stopped.”

On the 27th broadcast of ‘Oh! Samkwang Villa’, Lee Bit Chae-woon (Jin Gi-joo) entered the bathroom and then met Woo Jae-hee who came out after taking a shower. Lee Bit Chae-woon misunderstood Woo Jae-hee as a pervert and struck him with a piercing. Woo Jae-hee fell. In the process, Woo Jae-hee’s shower gown was removed and mosaicized, and an elephant’s cry was inserted as a sound effect.

After the broadcast, netizens responded, saying, ‘Is it sexual harassment?’ A civil complaint was also filed with the Korea Communications Standards Commission. A petition requesting an apology for the exposure appeared on the KBS Viewers’ Rights Committee.

‘Oh! Samgwang Villa!’ is a new concept family drama that depicts the process of people who gathered in Samgwang Villa with various stories, but who became squeezed by warmness of Soon-jung, a great feeling here. It airs every Saturday and Sunday at 7:55 pm.


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