‘Partner’ Kim Ho-joong, the reason for kneeling while watching the singing candidate?

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Partner’ is predicting a great impression with the meeting of Kim Ho-joong and duet partner candidates.

On the afternoon of the 29th, the SBS Plus entertainment program ‘Kim Ho-joong’s Partner’ (hereinafter ‘Partner’) will be broadcast for the first time.

According to the production crew, on this day’s broadcast, not only the outstanding skills of the song masters, but also the chemistry of Kim Ho-jung and partner candidates, which could not be seen anywhere in the world, will be revealed.

In particular, among the partner candidates who show a variety of talents and charms, a YouTube protagonist with 16 million views, which Kim Ho-joong said, “I have watched the video directly,” appears, making the supporter So Yeon go creepy with a tone similar to Ha Dong-gyun.

In addition, an instant mini duet stage of Kim Ho-joong with masters of various genres, from candidates for the 3rd Pansori family that digests any music with traditional Korean singing methods, and tenor talents who freely speak the female range, will be held.

In addition, the appearance of a candidate who disarmed Kim Ho-joong and made him kneel, as well as the owner of a voice that caused MCs to throw out and run out, is also predicted, raising expectations for the home.

‘Partner’, which contains the journey of Heavenly Voice Kim Ho-joong and duet partner candidates, will be broadcast every Tuesday at 8:30 pm on SBS Plus.


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