‘Secret royal inspector’ Kim Myung-soo, Chuseok greetings at the filming site “Have a safe and healthy life”

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Kim Myung-soo delivered a warm Chuseok greeting to fans and viewers by revealing the stills captured at the drama shooting site.

KBS2’s new drama ‘Secret royal inspector’ (director Kim Jung-min, playbook Park Sung-hoon Kang Min-seon, production iWill Media), Kim Myung-soo, posing with a script, showed off his self-luminous beauty that caused heartbeat.

Secret royal inspector ‘Sung Yi-kyum’, played by Kim Myung-soo in the play, was Hong Mun-gwan Busuchan, who lives only today with no ambition or purpose, and was unexpectedly selected as Secret royal inspector and leads an interesting story by solving the case that made Joseon tumult.

Kim Myung-soo says that he is eager to work on the script without letting go of his hand for a while and is immersed in the characters in the play. Actually, Kim Myung-soo puts notes for each scene on the script, carefully checks and analyzes each scene, revealing his affection and passion for the character.

Kim Myung-soo did not forget to greet fans and viewers ahead of Chuseok. Kim Myung-soo said, “The drama ‘Secret royal inspector’ is being filmed safely while strictly following the quarantine rules. You may feel a lot heavy for Chuseok, but I wish you a warm and safe Chuseok.”

‘Secret royal inspector’ is a comical mystery rhetoric that depicts the exhilarating activities of the royal secret investigator Secret royal inspector and the Eosad group in the Joseon Dynasty, which eradicates corruption and relieves people’s resentment against corruption.


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