Dindin and Noh Hong-cheol, challenge to overcome ‘endless loss in investment’

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Dindin and Noh Hong-cheol’s stock investment status was revealed.

In Kakao TV’s original entertainment show ‘Kakao TV Morning-Ant is bashing away at investing’, which was released on the 23rd, stock vlogs of Noh Hong-cheol, Dindin, and Kim Ga-young, who started investing in stock with expert advice, were released.

With the contribution fee entered into the newly opened stock account, they invested in stocks in their own way for two weeks, how they manage their stocks, and vividly disclosed the status of the stocks that were invested up or down.

‘Ants who continuously record loss in their investments’ Noh Hong-cheol bought a new stock with the remaining deposits, after taking too much time to sign up for membership at the time of the first filming, so that he could not use all the deposits given. We owned’Baby Shark’ stock. ‘Baby Shark’ is the first item that made a profit in his 13-year stock life of professional lossist Noh Hong-cheol, and he showed affection in a previous broadcast.

However, when the news that Noh Hong-cheol owns the stock of’Baby Shark’ was announced through the broadcast, an evacuation order was already issued on the online bulletin board for ‘Opposite Noh’ (Investing money in opposite way how Noh did, you will record profits). Even at the moment, stocks fell sharply in real time, causing a squeeze.

Dindin, who continued to insist on a strong short-term investment tendency despite the pressures of experts, was busy, and according to his advice, disclosed the situation of holding the stock for a week. However, when the stock fell -5%, Dindin boldly sold all of the stocks to make up for the immediate loss, and made an irrational move to quickly pull out the stocks with the highest fluctuation rates. Dindin’s stock investment, like a madness runaway locomotive, shocked everyone and at the same time made them laugh at the absurd situation.

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