‘Eye Contact’ Yang Dong-geun “Defensive personality when I was a child, I put nunchaku in my bag”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Yang Dong-geun appears on Channel A’s new concept of silent entertainment ‘Eye Contact’ and looks for someone who feels warmth.

On the channel A ‘Eye Contact’, which will be broadcast on September 30, Yang Dong-geun, an actor recognized by actors, appears as an eye contact applicant, confessing his days as a child actor who was lonely and difficult. He said that he could not forget the warm person he first met at the time.

Yang Dong-geun debuted as a child at the age of 9, and was praised for her outstanding acting skills by senior actors Park Geun-hyung, Oh Ji-myeong, and Yoon Yeo-jung, who appeared in the work together.

Yang Dong-geun confessed, “Both my parents were busy working, and my brothers were middle and high school students, so I went to the Yeouido filming site alone at a young age. On this day’s MC Park Jun-geum said, “That’s right, at that time, all the children were in the mood to go with their mother.”

There was even an incident that remained as a trauma to Yang Dong-geun. A woman came to Yang Dong-geun, who was on the road alone, and said, “Let’s shake hands.”

Yang Dong-geun said, “I held my hand because I asked for a handshake, but he held my hand tight and didn’t let go of it,” said Yang Dong-geun. He added, “I thought I should protect myself, so I put nunchaku in my bag and carried it with me.”

It was Yang Dong-geun, who was living as such a lonely and difficult child actor, but one day he meets someone who is remembered as a person who has felt warmth to him. However, since 2002, when Yang Dong-geun entered his twenties, contact with him was cut off, and Yang Dong-geun had only one clue to find the person. Yang Dong-geun visited the eye contact room on this day with the valuable clue he received from the other person 20 years ago.

Actor Yang Dong-geun will be able to meet someone who felt warm as a child in 20 years, and it will be revealed on Wednesday 30th at 9:50 pm on Channel A ‘Eye Contact’.

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