‘Fake Man 2’ High-intensity training beyond imagination

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Fake Man 2’ will be released for the first time on October 1 (Thursday) at 8 PM.

‘Fake Man 2’ will be released on the official YouTube of Kakao TV and Physical Gallery on Thursdays and Saturdays for 1-3 episodes. From episode 4, it will be released on Kakao TV every Wednesday and Friday at 8 pm.

‘Fake Man’ is a hyper-reality entertainment that is a collaboration between the health YouTube channel Physical Gallery and the global security company MUSAT. It contains a UDT special training course that has never been disclosed in a realistic way without a script, and is an intense training that exceeds imagination. It gained explosive popularity due to the activities of attractive instructors who radiate strong charisma and trainees full of personality.

In July, the cumulative number of views of the 7 titles uploaded over a month reached 50 million views.

‘Fake Man’, which is gaining explosive attention even after the end of the first period, will return to the second stage of the upgraded version. With more diverse and intensive training courses, more diverse attractive trainees, and powerful instructors, we plan to show more realistic and rich fun and attractions.

There were a total of 14 trainees who were curious about the second period. Model and actor Julien Kang, former national goalkeeper Kim Byeong-ji, former short-track national team Kwak Yoon-ki, singer-songwriter Sam Kim, comedian Son Min-soo, broadcaster Oh Hyun-min, StarCraft BJ Hong-gu, Ugh-bak, YouTuber Murdog, Director Lee, Cho Jae-won, Carro and Woonji. From national representatives to actors, singers, comedians, popular BJs and YouTubers, Fake Man 2 crews are all boasting colorful aspects from appearance to personality, occupation, and growth background, and interest in their activities is pouring out.

In particular, as all of the trainees expressed their willingness to participate directly with their extraordinary motivation, expectations are rising whether they can withstand the training process as well as their determination.

Instructors who meet the trainees who have doubled here are also upgraded to the previous level. Instructors from UDT, such as Agent H, Field Sapjangjae, Logan, etc., who are showing remarkable activities in the first period, as well as new instructors with a unique personality, will join the second period, and a total of 12 instructors, three times more than the first period, is expected to make a big success.


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