[Interview] “Composition Team → Producer Transformation “Our goal is managing an entertainment company like BitHit”

Ham Joon-seok and Park Jang-geun are active composers and producers. Provided by|Music Cow’Salon Date’

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

M Black ‘It’s a War’, God ‘Sky Blue Promise’, SISTAR ‘Loving You’, A Pink ‘Mr.Chu’, Gary & Jungin ‘Human Smell’. Park Jang-geun (39) and Ham Joon-seok (40), who started their activities in 2012, made numerous hit songs over the past nine years, making them known as a star composition team. In particular, Park Jang-geun took on a new challenge as a producer, such as taking the representative of Million Market. Maeil Business Daily Star Today looked back on the past time through a written interview with Duble Sidekick and heard about the plans of future activities.

When Park Jang-geun and Ham Joon-seok said they were working as a composition team for the first time, they said that there was a prejudice around them. They said, “The composers around us say, ‘You two may may be unlikely to make success.’” he said, recalling the time and saying, “When I heard such stories, I felt like I was working harder because of a comeback.” He continued, “Thanks to the love of many people, there aren’t a lot of people who are composing as a team like us now. Seeing that, I feel a lot of gratitude and pride.”

A composition team activity that was unfamiliar before Duble Sidekick. Then, how will the two music producers work on the song? Park Jang-geun said, “There are areas where the boundaries are somewhat ambiguous right now, but each has their own roles. When that was decided, Ham Joon-seok grabbed the chord progression and the thick lines. In the case of melody, he explained, “I tend to make it while discussing with Ham Joon-seok.”

There is no right answer to music, so if you work as a team, there may be conflicts. However, they were amazed by revealing that they had never fought until now. The secret is thanks to respect and consideration for each other.

Ham Joon-seok said, “Because the gag code fits so well, I’m rather pleasantly working. Also, since each person has their own role, they respect and consider their opinions a lot, so they don’t even argue over’who has worked more’. “Isn’t it the secret of a long run that the sum is good?”

One of the characteristics of the songs made by Duble Sidekick is that they have surprisingly diverse colors. When asked what part he composes, he said, “I’m going to give songs according to the color each singer has,” he said. “For this, studying the requested singers is essential. “I write by thinking and thinking in various directions, including the basic height and direction of the song, the style that fans liked, and the tendency of the singer.”

Although it is difficult to challenge the producer, it is said that the sense of accomplishment is great. Provided by|Music Cow ‘Salon Date’

As such, Duble Sidekick, who was active as a hit song maker, started producing Momoland in 2016.

“The start was simple. As we work with many singers, we have a lot of things we want to express. However, I felt the limit because of the direction of the company I requested. So, I challenged myself with the idea of ‘Let’s make it with our own idea.'”

However, production was another area for Duble Sidekick who only composes. At the time Momoland was produced, there was a separate management company, so I was able to focus on music only, but as there were more and more areas to worry about, overload came. So, after contemplating, he announced that he had set up Million Market to play a role in supporting the artists who produce their own music.

“After the establishment of the company, I have recruited talented friends like Suran and Penomeco. I try to avoid direct interference with artists making songs, but when I have difficulties, I work together to help. Promotional directions, broadcasts, concerts, etc. are also provided in the desired direction under consultation with artists. It was very difficult to produce, but I was able to work hard because the sense of accomplishment I got from seeing the artist I found was loved.” (Park Jang-geun)

As a composer and producer, Duble Sidekick is the copyright of popular songs such as god ‘Sky Blue Promise’, Leessang ‘Tears’, Jung In & Gary’Smell of People’, and Girl’s Day’Darling’ through Music Cow, a copyright sharing platform. I started sharing. In addition, it is participating in the’BETTER MUSIC ECOSYSTEM’ campaign, which donates some of the proceeds through copyright sharing as a donation for the music ecosystem.

“By sharing copyrights, we all become the masters of music and participated in sympathy with the purpose of creating a better music ecosystem. If the awareness of copyright sharing is known to more people and provides a better environment for those who play music, wouldn’t quality music be made? I think this process will serve as an opportunity for music fans to go one step further from consumers who simply enjoy music to gain ownership. Even from the standpoint of singers and composers, I’m more grateful that the fans hold precious music for life and support them together.” (laughs)

In the meantime, Duble Sidekick showed appreciation for the fans who loved the song they made. Park Jang-geun and Ham Joon-seok said, “Thank you very much for loving the songs we have made. We will make more songs that will be loved for a long time in the future so that we can repay you. As a producer, I will work harder and create a company that marks a breakthrough in the Korean music industry, such as SM, YG, JYP, and Big Hit Entertainment, and K-Pop will do its best to establish itself in the world.”


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