Lim Young-woong Chuseok greeting “Always be healthy and happy”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Lim Young-woong left a message for Chuseok through WELLMADE, where he is active as an advertising model.

Lim Young-woong greeted the fans with a handwritten autograph saying, “I hope that Chuseok will have a lot of fun and filled with warm moments.”

Lim Young-woong was recently selected as an advertising model for the 2020 F/W season of WELLMADE, a lifestyle fashion store, and suggested various fashions. By releasing ‘Trot Well Song Part 2’ together with ‘Lim Young-woong’, it became a hot topic, exceeding 100,000 views in half a day.

On the 29th, a tie with Lim Young-woong’s autograph was also released.

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