‘Lottery Singer’ Kim Gura, Park So-Hyun, Hwang Bora, Lim Chae-moo, Kim Chang-ok, Lee Lee-kyung, making an outstanding performance in the prediction team

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Kim Gura, Park So-Hyun, Hwang Bora, Lim Chae-moo, Kim Chang-ok, and Lee Lee-kyung join as the prediction team and initiate a unique call.

In the first episode of ‘Life Reversal Music Game Show-Lottery Singer’ (hereinafter referred to as’Lottery Singer’/Director Ilyong Yoo), which will be aired for the first time at 8:45 pm on Saturday, October 3, Kim Gura, Park So-Hyun, Hwang Bora, Lim Chae-moo, Kim Chang-ok, and Lee Lee-kyung are expected to bring out a different laughter with a sharp yet warm prediction.

On this day, before the stage begins, the six people convey their extraordinary determination as a predictor. Kim Gura mentioned the difference between the music that experts and the public liked, and said, “I think it’s the perfect guide role for selecting six people”, while Lim Chae-Moo expressed difficulties and said, “Can I take the prize money? “He carefully shows off the dark inside. Park So-hyun said, “I watched a lot of live scenes in each field while doing radio, but my heart is trembling because I’ve never seen a lineup of 45 people.”

On the other hand, the six predictors change the top six predicted every time the singer’s stage is over, causing tension and excitement. The predicted rankings that change from stage to stage are expected to raise expectations for what kind of performances the singers will perform.

Here, the six predictors were sharp after listening to the stage, “The selection would not have been easy, but the public would give a big score for having digested the treble by myself”, “It was the most moving than any other singers’ cover songs or remakes.” It also adds curiosity by saying that it makes singers cry and laugh while leaving warm comments.

On the other hand, ‘Lottery Singer’ shows various stages with top singers of various genres such as songs, classical music, musical, and traditional music, and viewers predict who received the most points in each contest, and win the final 6 winners. It is attracting attention with a new concept variety music show.

The story of 45 lottery singers that contains the impressions and reactions of the singers who participated in the epoch-making music show from 8:20 to 15 minutes after the MBN news ended, the singers who participated in the ‘lottery singer’, and the anticipation for a colorful stage. In addition, as the first broadcast and Chuseok special feature, viewers are visited through MBN and Naver TV at 8:45, 15 minutes before 9 pm.

Who will be the top 6 selected by the prediction team and what words they might have shaken the singers’ hearts? MBN’s new entertainment program ‘Life Reversal Music Game Show-Lottery Singer’, will be aired at 8:45 pm on Saturday, October 3.


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