Park Se-ri appeared in ‘Sunmi’s Video Store’… embarrassed by her past that she wants to forget

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Success Cheat Key Park Se-ri’, who conquered the world with golf and swallowed up broadcasting through entertainment, appears as a second guest in ‘Sunmi’s Video Store’.

‘Sunmi’s Video Store’ is an ‘Archive Human Documentary Talk Show’ that rediscovers one’s life through archived videos. The concept differentiated from other talk shows is to reorganize and watch the situation of the times and the life of a person who has lived through the times. In particular, the ‘Park Se-ri’ side is expected to heat up the home theater on Chuseok, as the whole family can sit and share the image of Park Se-ri remembered by each generation.

As soon as Park Se-ri entered the studio, she confessed, “I was going to consider her appearance,” and embarrassed MC Sunmi. But at the beginning of the video, she showed tears.

During the IMF financial crisis, Pak Se-ri went into the pond without hesitation and shot barefoot. He emerged as the courage and hope to’get out of crisis’ to the people who were in despair. Thanks to Se-ri Pak, the people overcame the crisis and regained happiness, but Se-ri Pak said she should have survived the lonely time alone. What was the failure and how he got out of the crisis, ‘Sunmi’s Video Store’ reveals the story. The national hero Seri, who is said to appear in a crisis without fail, is going to teach the people who are struggling in the era of Corona 19 not just comforting but how to endure the crisis.

Park Se-ri is said to have created trauma due to a broadcast produced as a player. As soon as she saw Park Se-ri, who returned to Korea, the video on the day included the reporter asking, “Are you missing a lot?”, shocking the recording site.

Pak Se-ri was angry at the time, revealing the rude questions he received from’Broadcasters’ and the editing of the devil without addition or subtraction. Now, Park Se-ri has advanced to the CRT and is in her second heyday. What was the reason for her continuing to appear on the broadcast despite the pain she received from’Broadcasters’?

When Se-ri Pak talked about her lonely American life going through a hotel room, Sunmi shared her feelings about her life on the bus while touring 50 states. In addition, the two expressed resentment, saying that there is someone who spread false rumors about the scandal, but no one is responsible, but Park Se-ri first released a secret story about her boyfriend.

In the archival documentary that ‘Sunmi’s Video Store’ has been ambitiously prepared, you can see the cheerful newcomers of those who are now exuding the aura of’no-death’ such as Seo Tae-ji, Ko So-young, Fin.K.L and Turbo. In particular, Sunmi and Park Se-ri were very much at the shocking past of Lee Byung-hun, who danced with an apron, and Choi Yang-rak, who gave a laugh by mentioning his wife Pang Hyun-sook 20 years ago. Through this, it brings memories to those who have lived in that era and fun to those who do not have memories of the previous era.

Here are the first moments that Park Se-ri himself cannot remember. From ‘Crying Teenage Seri’ to’Playing Sister Seri’, Pak Se-ri was surprised by saying, “Where did you find this?” The black history of Park Se-ri, who was frightened by saying, “That’s a mistake!”, is also revealed and the studio is overturned. After watching the video to the end, Park Se-ri said, “I will remove all traces.” What is the identity of the video?

A video of Park Se-ri’s life can be found at SBS ‘Sunmi’s Video Store’, which airs at 10:35 pm on Thursday, October 1.
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