Ryeowook announced his romantic relationship with Ari of Tahiti to the public…It’s not easy [Total]

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Super Junior Ryeowook and Ari from Tahiti have become a public couple.

On the 30th, Ryeowook’s agency, SJ Label, said, “As a result of the confirmation of both sides, Ryeowook and actor Ari have been between close juniors and have developed into a romantic relationship.”

Ryeowook admitted that she was dating Ari and expressed her sorry feelings to the fans through an official fan community listening. “I’m sorry that I’ve waited a lot, but it’s too late. I thought of the elves (Super Junior fan club name) who would have already hurt my heart no matter what I said. I’m sorry. Even in the process of meeting this friend, the elves were very considerate. I should have acted more considerately for that consideration, but I am reflecting on it. My lack of consideration seems to have caused more confusion.”

He said, “I am dating with Ari. But the misunderstandings that the story comes and goes like a fact are things that I have never talked about or thought about, and are different from the facts. Super Junior and Elf are precious to me now. It’s a shame that too many untrue words go around.”

“The actions I did hurt and hurt the elves. He loved me and believed in me, but I’m sorry. I am also sorry for the members who would have been surprised a lot. I will always do my best not to damage my No. 1 Super Junior activities. Thank you for believing in me and waiting for me.”

Ari also tweeted, “I’m really sorry for hurting you with the mistakes I’ve made. I opened a cafe account because it would be helpful for publicity, and because I had experience in a cafe part-time job, I wanted to set up a cafe first. He explained that he didn’t set up a cafe for me, and that cafe revenue wasn’t my share.”

Regarding the suspicion that Ryeowook and ‘Lovestargram’, she said, “I haven’t done any coupling. All of the photos uploaded have similar designs, not couplings. I didn’t make the flowers in the picture of the bouquet for the gift, and the florist is the place where I was taking lessons, and it’s true that I recommended that the flowers are pretty.”

In addition, “The picture of the wine bar was with my sister, who was close to me, and because it is a wine bar of a friend I know, the shadow is also the shadow of that friend.” Everyone let me know that he wasn’t there.”

In particular, regarding the suspicion of worshiper of Shincheonji, a religious cult, “No, absolutely not. He is a Christian and is absolutely not Shincheonji worshiper. I am not the woman in the capture who came up as me.”

Ryeowook, born in 1987, has been active as a group Super Junior since her debut as a unit Super Junior-KRY. Recently, she appeared in the musical ‘Flare Sonata 2020’.

Ari is born in 1994 and is from the girl group Tahiti and is currently working as an actor. Appeared in the play ‘Mom’s Recipe’.

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