Soo Ae donation, 50 million won for the lonely elderly living alone

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Soo Ae made people’s hearts warm ahead of Chuseok, by donating 50 million won for isolated single old men.

Soo Ae’s donation is getting more attention as a thoughtful deed for the elderly who will feel more lonely on Chuseok.

According to Good Neighbors on the 29th, Soo Ae quietly made good donations without going through the agency under her real name ‘Park Soo-ae’.

Earlier this year, she delivered 50 million won to the Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association to overcome the Covid-19 damage.

In 2012, Soo Ae signed a donation of 100 million won through social welfare joint fundraising and became the 200th member of the Honor Society, a group of major donors.

Soo Ae is considering appearing in the new drama ‘Now, Breaking Up’.

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