Ji Hyun-woo, poet collector vs. healthy muscle king ‘unimaginable daily life’

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Ji Hyun-woo reveals the drama and the charm of the drama,’the point of view of omniscience’.

In episode 124 of MBC’s ‘Point of Omniscient Interfere’ (planning Park Jung-gyu, director Noh Si-yong Chae Hyun-suk), broadcast on the 3rd, the life of Romance Comedy master Ji Hyun-woo is drawn.

On this day, Ji Hyun-woo’s manager gave a startling tip, saying, “Hyun-woo is building up a wall with the world.” In fact, Ji Hyun-woo, who was caught by the camera during the war, is using a flip phone that is hard to find recently, which is a surprise.

Even Ji Hyun-woo was living without a TV or bed. According to the manager’s report, Ji Hyun-woo buys clothes only when necessary for her work. In response, the manager said, “Hyun-woo has no desire for material,” saying that Ji Hyun-woo’s ever-class minimalist instinct was revealed.

Ji Hyun-woo reveals the face of an unprecedented quote collector. He wrote quotes from philosophical books, essays, etc. in his own notebook, and then took them into action. The manager pointed out that “Hyun-woo always starts with control of his mind before doing anything,” adding to the curiosity of Ji Hyun-woo’s own healing method.

On the other hand, Ji Hyun-woo even exudes an angry muscle king charm that makes both eyes suspicious. It is said that the six-pack’s solid body that looks like it was made with CG made the studio hot. It is expected that the viewers’ hearts will be thrilled by the runaway of a 180 degree different sports enthusiast from the state of calmly governing the mind to the teachings of the quotes.

Ji Hyun-woo’s unusual daily life can be found in episode 124 of MBC’s ‘Point of Omniscient Interfere’, broadcasted at 11:10 pm on the 3rd.


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