‘All The Butlers’ Lim Chang-jeong shows his company which has Oxygen Therapy Room and hot spring bathroom

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

The original multi-entertainer Lim Chang-jeong appeared as a master of the ‘All The Butlers’, captivating viewers with her honest charm.

In the SBS entertainment program ‘All The Butlers’, broadcast on the 4th, the production crew mentioned ‘Men’s favorite karaoke song BEST5’ as a hint to the master. To the members who hit ‘Kim Beom-soo – I miss you’, ‘Yoon Jong-shin – Like it’, ‘Park Hyo-shin – Wild flower’, ‘Lim Chang-jeong-Soju Hanjan’, and ‘Buzz – Again’, the crew said, “Today’s master is the number one favorite song among these” He gave hints that he had talents and talents such as singing and acting. The members who noticed this, laughed at Lim Chang-jeong, saying, “The nasty bullshit acting is unmatched.”

As the members guessed, the master of the day was the only multi-entertainer Lim Chang-jeong. Lim Chang-jeong, who met the members at the entertainment office he was running, said, “There are a lot of things that even SM and JYP, the biggest entertainment agencies, don’t have. And my company a lot of surprises. The only thing my company doesn’t have? It’s an artist.” In fact, his office building attracted attention because of the numerous trophies he received, as well as facilities that carefully thought out the trainees, from a choreography practice room, a gym, a home-style cafeteria to an oxygen treatment room and an outdoor cypress bath.

Since then, ‘Rock Street’ Shin Seong-rok said to Lim Chang-jeong, “You claimed the you are the synonymous with nerd in Korea. But, in reality, you drew two landmarks in Korean pop culture. Let’s be the original multi-entertainer.” Lim Chang-jeong asked, “Is it okay to express (acting) as ‘Floating’?” Flake means knowing how far my vessel is. It’s pretentious to do something recklessly without knowing where my abilities are. I am saying that acting on reality looks stupid.”

In addition, Shin Seong-rok said that Lim Chang-jeong had achieved 71 crowns during his 25 years as a singer, saying that he was “an unprecedented hit ballader.” Then, in the 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s, it was a surprise that he was the only singer with more than three top songs. On the other hand, Lim Chang-jeong gave a little bit of a new song to be released soon, and said, “It’s very high in the back. I wasn’t doing well either,” he said honestly and laughed.

Then, Lim Chang-jeong’s singing class began. He selected ‘I never loved you every day’ as his difficult song, and ‘Love I’ve Made’ as the number one super high-pitched song, and performed live live on the spot, arousing admiration. On the other hand, Lim Chang-jeong said, “This is the MR lowered. Bring the original version,” he said. “All fans know. This is embarrassing. Even if it doesn’t work, you have to pretend.” He challenged again with one key, and showed a live ‘Treble Explosion’, drawing the cheers of the members.

Afterwards, Lim Chang-jeong talked about the realistic lyrics of ‘Soju Hanjan’ and said, “Lyrics that express feelings courageously even if they are unfamiliar. That’sincerity’ is what makes good lyrics,” he said, saying that it is necessary to honestly express the reality as it is without decorating or wrapping it. Such a chorus of ‘Soju Hanjan’, Lim Chang-jeong said to the members, saying, “The evaluation criteria are unique, courage, and unusual’reality-oriented lyrics’.”

As a result, Kim Dong-hyun wrote the lyrics about the situation of contacting his ex-lover pretending to send the delivery service incorrectly, and the members said that he was “the king of the end.” Lim Chang-jeong said, “When I first showed the lyrics of’a cup of soju’, it was the same as when I was all doubting whether it would be a song. “It’s creepy,” Kim Dong-hyun ranked first. After that, Lim Chang-jeong raised expectations by saying that he would make a sound source with Kim Dong-hyun’s lyrics.


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