Director Caroline Seo “I learned the influence of K-pop through the BLACKPINK documentary”

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

There is a lot of interest in director Caroline Seo, who directed the new documentary ‘BLACKPINK: Light up the sky’ of Netflix, a world-class entertainment streaming service.

After their debut in 2016, the four-member girl group BLACKPINK, who showed amazing achievements to becoming a global star loved in the world in a short period of time, overcoming their adversities to be the top star, directing the story of ‘BLACKPINK: Light up the sky’ in the well-made documentary ‘SALT FAT ACID HEAT’ Director Caroline Seo is attracting global attention.

Director Caroline Seo is an independent documentary director with 20 years of experience working in film, TV and commercials on Netflix, CNN Film, Sundance Channel, PBS, EPIX, A&E, and History Channel. After debuting as a feature film ‘The Election Runner’, receiving rave reviews from critics, he raised his reputation as a six-part series about the lack of female directors in Hollywood, ‘4%’, and the topical ‘Conventional Breakers” series on the Sundance Channel. Received’salt. mountain. Fat. With the series ‘SALT FAT ACID HEAT’, he emerged as one of Hollywood’s best hit makers. Director Caroline Seo, who introduced BLACKPINK: Light up the sky’ as a story of people who make a lot of effort and heartache to achieve their dreams at a young age. She’s a Korean-American and is currently the most successful documentary director in Hollywood.

Adam Del Deo, Netflix’s documentary VP, who selected Caroline Seo as the director of ‘BLACKPINK: Light up the sky’, said, “Thanks to the relationship between director Caroline Seo and BLACKPINK members, I was able to capture the honest and natural moments of the members. We are very happy to be able to show their true life to BLACKPINK fans and Netflix viewers.”

Director Caroline Seo said, “Because I am Korean-American, I tend to support everything about Korea. It was very interesting to learn about the influence of K-POP because I was not well aware of how big an industry K-POP is.” She also revealed a fresh look at the global influence of K-POP that he finally learned.

Director Caroline Seo’s delicate direction goes beyond K-POP’s splendor. It is a criticism that it contains the sincere aspects of the BLACKPINK members who have endured a difficult time after a long time of effort behind the pouring applause.

Director Caroline Seo’s documentary ‘BLACKPINK: Light up the sky’ will be released on Netflix on the 14th.

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