‘48.6kg’ Kim Ji-woo, healthy muscular legs…Even her husband, Raymon Kim, also surprised

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Kim Ji-woo showed off the healthy legs that she cultivated through exercise.

On the 6th, Kim Ji-woo posted several photos on her Instagram on the 6th with a post saying, “Yesterday, which was like a lie… the sky… the clouds… even the temperature are all.”

In the photo, Kim Ji-woo is in various poses on the grass. Kim Ji-woo shows off her beautiful body line wearing a see-through top and hot pants with an impressive puff decoration. The slender, muscular, and solid legs make us guess the efforts of self-management.

The netizens who saw the photo responded, “Wow, you’re so cool. You’re the ultimate king of exercise”, “You have a beautiful body and mind”, “I always respect the way you work hard”, and “Your legs are so long. Wow”

Earlier, Kim Ji-woo announced on the 5th that he reached the target weight of 48.6kg through her Instagram. Kim Ji-woo has been constantly exercising and controlling diet with the aim of shooting a body profile.

Meanwhile, Kim Ji-woo married Chef Raymon Kim in 2013 and gave birth to a daughter, Luanari.


Photo| Kim Ji-woo SNS

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