Discarding the entire episode of Park Kyung’s ‘Knowing Brother’

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Block B member Park Kyung directly admitted to the controversy over school violence, and all the appearances of ‘Knowing Brother’, who had recently finished recording, are discarded.

After observing the controversy, JTBC decided not to broadcast the entire recording of Ha Seok-jin, Kim Ji-seok, and others, rather than the full-time editor.

Park Kyung finished recording ‘Knowing Brother’ with Kim Ji-seok and Ha Seok-jin on the 17th. The broadcast was scheduled to be broadcast in October, but editing became virtually inevitable as Park Kyung admitted himself after being accused of being a school violence perpetrator.

JTBC said on the 6th, “Since there were three guests appearing, editing itself was impossible in terms of flow, connectivity, and completeness. Ha Seok-jin and Kim Ji-seok understood the meaning of the production crew. I am sorry to everyone.”

In response to the recent suspicion of violence at school, Park Kyung revealed through his SNS, “I hated the image of an exemplary student, so the so-called friends who were playing looked cool,” and “I wanted to hang out with them and act embarrassingly.”

He said, “I guess I thought that no one could treat me carelessly when I was with them. Those who have been hurt and damaged, please contact me directly or through the company. I want to come to see you in person, apologize, and ask for forgiveness.”

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