‘Radio Star’ Park Tae-jun “Covid-19 cure…the smell and taste haven’t come back yet”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Park Tae-jun revealed the current situation after curing Covid-19.

MBC entertainment program ‘Radio Star’ (planning Ahn Soo-young, directing Choi Haeng-ho), aired at 10:40 pm on the 7th, is the most talked-about characters who dominated real-time search terms as well as major portal entertainment news. ‘Do you have a topical problem?’ It is decorated as a special feature.

Park Tae-jun is the good-looking CEO of ’30 billion shopping mall’, a singer, even a popular webtoon writer. Through the continuous challenges in the various fields, he has attracted public attention. Recently, it was a regret to announce the news of the confirmed Covid-19, which completely changed the daily lives of people around the world.

Park Tae-jun, who regained his health after curing the coronavirus, said, “I have no aftereffects, but my senses of smell and taste have not yet returned.” Starting with the symptoms of epilepsy in the neck, high fever, confirmation, and the process of curing are disclosed. In particular, he, a workaholic, refraining from going outside, revealed that his usual living radius does not deviate more than 50m from his workroom and house, and confessed that he still does not know the route of infection.

Following the fact, Park Tae-jun arouses curiosity by revealing the fact that the so-called ‘Face mask on chin’ photo, which did not completely cover the mouth and nose, was used as the image in the article to convey the words he wanted to say by revealing the fact that the criticism was raging.

Park Tae-jun raises expectations by saying that he confesses the reason for taking a laptop during treatment at the moment when he was struck by a warning sound that rings all morning while receiving treatment in an isolation facility.

Park Tae-jun, who overcame the pandemic and regained his health, is again publishing three webtoons in workaholic mode. Having received the top ranks in the webtoon rankings and capturing readers’ hearts with his unrivaled ‘food sensibility’, he chose ‘Unfortunate Battle’ as his secret to his popularity, and he plans to recreate the scene of sharing ideas with team members at the meeting to give him laughter.

The story that Park Tae-jun wanted to tell after a runaway of criticism of ‘face mask on his chin’ can be confirmed through’Radio Star’, which will be released at 10:40 pm on Wednesday the 7th.


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