Jessie’s breast surgery confession “Silicone doesn’t burst even if I hit hard” (Problem Child in House)

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

In ‘Problem Child in House’, Jessie confessed to the fact of breast plastic surgery.

Singer Jessie appeared as a guest in KBS2’s ‘Problem Child in House’ broadcast on the 6th.

On this day, ‘Problem Child in House’ team solved a quiz about a woman who saved her life when a bullet hit a breast implant.

After the answer was released, Jessie said, “I didn’t know well because I did (breast surgery) in the past, but there are many types of implants. There are also silicon, and these days, even if I tear them with a knife, they stick again.”

Also, Jessie said, “My thing is a bit old. But the doctor said that even if someone hits it hard, it doesn’t explode.” This is a miracle,” he added, adding to the quiz story.

In response to Jessie’s unstoppable confession, Kim Yong-man said, “It’s a lot faster than I thought.”

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