‘Yoo Quiz’ sign language interpreter, painter Solbi, hand model…’Talents’ special feature

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

In ‘Yoo Quiz On The Block’, a special feature of ‘Talents’ is presented.

In tvN ‘Yoo Quiz On The Block’, aired on the 7th, people go on a trip with those who stand tall with one hand. From the sign language interpreter, singer and painter Solbi, the top domestic hand model, the craftsman who makes a homi, and the tteokbokki entrepreneur with hundreds of billions of sales appear as a Yooquizer and talks about the daily lives of the golden children.

Kwon Dong-ho, a 15-year sign language interpreter who communicates words with hand gestures, introduces the world of sign language that we did not know. From the meaning contained in the newly created sign language ‘Covid-19’ to the story behind the scene of the real-time sign language interpreter that proceeds urgently, everything in the disaster briefing. It is going to capture the attention by conveying it vividly. In addition, it is known that the name of the big self and the baby is expressed in sign language, the ‘Yoo Quiz’ greeting is translated into sign language, and it is known that one-point sign language lessons for them have been conducted, raising curiosity.

Solbi, a representative talented artist and entertainer in the entertainment industry, shares the honest life of artist Kwon Ji-an. Kwon Ji-an, who became a painter in her 10th year of her debut, confessed the story of the second episode of her life, including the opportunity to paint, the background to break the negative gaze and grow as an artist, warm affection for painting, and the recent online auction. In addition, it adds fun by releasing unhidden talk to your heart’s content. She admired Yoo Jae-seok, saying, “It is a successful life to meet a big self as writer Kwon Ji-an,” while with Jo Se-ho boasting the chemistry of a striking spirit, the site turned into a sea of laughter.

We also meet Yoon Sun-young, a hand model who plays the hands of top stars. “A hand model doesn’t just need pretty hands,” she said, revealing her meticulous efforts and pains to show beautiful hands in advertisements. Not only did he hide under the table and perform hand-play for 24 hours, but she was surprised by her unique professional consciousness that she had never hurt his hand for 10 years. As the hand model, who earns billion won per year, she shares her tips to keep her hand beautiful.

Seok No-gi, a blacksmith who caused the K-homi craze all over the world, attracts attention from the beginning with a pleasant atmosphere. In relation to the homi he made, which is gaining popularity in the largest online shopping mall in the United States, “I didn’t even know there was such a shopping mall at first. It seemed to me who came to see Homi from the Amazon River.” He, who has been leading the globalization of Homi by selling 10,000 Homi for nine months, is expected to bring a deep lingering lingering to the home theater by calmly conveying the joys and sorrows he experienced while living as a blacksmith for 53 years.

The success story of Kim Kwan-hoon, who achieved 200 billion won in annual sales from empty hands, continues. From the chairman of the Tteokbokki Club with 38,000 members, we will reveal the secrets of growing up as a representative of the No. 1 tteokbokki franchise company. Two children in their exciting stories, such as an episode that toured tteokbokki with members of the club to become a master of tteokbokki, and the fateful first meeting at the club with K-fish cake leader Park Yong-joon who appeared in the last special feature of ‘Miseng’. The storm was sympathetic and the talk continued, raising curiosity.

PD Kim Min-seok, who was in charge of directing, said, “This recording is with talented people who live with one hand. I hope that the golden talk with the golden sons who help someone with their hands and give them joy and happiness will be an opportunity to reflect on the value and value of their hands.”

tvN ‘Yoo Quiz on the Block’ airs every Wednesday at 8:50 pm.


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