‘All year live’ Na Hoon-ah performance, production process + behind-the-scenes release

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

From the behind-the-scenes of ‘Korea Again Na Hoon-ah’ to the movie ‘STONE SKIPPING’ and ‘Collectors’ will be revealed.

In KBS2’s live broadcast ‘Live throughout the year’, which airs on the 9th, Kim Yeon-ja of ‘Trot Queen’ makes the shoulders of the whole people shake with an addictive melody from the behind of ‘Korea Again Na Hoon-ah’. Meet the masterpiece drama Autumn in My Heart’ that comes to mind when it comes to fall.

In addition, the show will meet the protagonists of ‘Collectors’, the Korean version of ‘Indiana Jones’, Song Yoon-ah, Kim Dae-myeong, Kim Eui-sung, and fantastic team play of the healing movie ‘Collectors’, are constantly popping up. The interview scene where there was a lot of laughter is revealed throughout the year.

‘Around the Year Issue’ deals with the story behind ‘2020 Hangawi, Korea Again, Na Hoon-ah’, who took the Na Hoon-ah syndrome in Korea throughout this Chuseok holiday. Appearing on terrestrial broadcasts after 16 years, singing skills, splendid stage manners, and beliefs that overshadow the age of 70s. Na Hoon-ah’s non-face-to-face performance, which garnered a lot of attention through remarks and recorded a high audience rating of 29%. Therefore, in ‘Live throughout the year’, he met the production crew who was in charge of planning and directing this performance to hear detailed stories. Even though it was a top-notch performance, it is said that there was a regrettable point that the legendary singer Na Hoon-ah and the production crew chose together.

Stars’ solo mini concert ‘Year-round Playlist’ will open a new world of excitement with the artistic stage of Kim Yeon-ja, the protagonist of the trot Korean wave. Kim Yeon-ja, who’ve been meeting the public for 46 years as a singer and a trot empress, loved by all ages. She appeared in a colorful costume and selected her mega hit songs ‘Amor Party’ and ‘Bling Bling’. With powerful singing skills and believable performances, it was said to have taken control of the’year-round playlist’ at once. In particular, on this day, Kim Yeon-ja’s hot fan and year-round live hostess Lee Hyun-ju appeared as a daily disciple, taking a one-point lesson and boasting the charm of Trot Sprout with his ability to break through. As a result, Kim Yeon-ja not only gave special praise, but finally suggested a duet stage.

The beginning of the Korean Wave drama that hit the 2000s. The drama ‘Autumn in My Heart’, which has been loved by the nation, is specially visiting the home theater for its 20th anniversary. The story of the tragic fate and love of Jun-seo and Eun-seo, who grew up like siblings, recorded the highest viewership rating of 42.3% and stimulated the tears of many viewers. Replays It is expected to make viewers reminiscent by revisiting the fresh past of the previous unions Song Hye-kyo, Song Seung-heon, and Won Bin, as well as the famous scenes that are still producing numerous parodies.

Together with Song Yoon-ah, Kim Dae-myeong, and Kim Eui-sung, the main characters of the movie ‘STONE SKIPPING’, which is the official invitation of the 2018 ’23rd Busan International Film Festival’ and will give the audience a warm impression. Song Yoon-ah, who is ‘first grade acting credit rating’, said that despite his return to the screen after 10 years, he showed off his presence with the screen dominance. In response, Kim Eui-sung surprised everyone by saying, “It is an angel in front of her, but a warrior inside.” During the filming, following the unlaughable episode that even the villagers misunderstood Kim Dae-myeong and the villagers misunderstood as a’neighborhood youth’ during the filming, even the appearance of Kim Eui-sung, who was unhappy (?) saying, “Wash and go?” Is released.

A world of ‘underground technology’ that has never been seen before. Meet the protagonists of the movie ‘Collectors’ who will pierce the hearts of the audience with a fresh charm. Lee Je-hoon left a strong impression by transforming characters 180 degrees for each work. From the story that predicted the fate of meeting Shin Hye-sun again at an awards ceremony, to the episode where the soil felt sweet (?) due to being so immersed in the character, it attracted attention. In addition, you can see the secret secret of’Diction Fairy’ revealed by actor Shin Hye-sun, who captivated the audience with the story behind those days and stable acting skills, as revealed by Lee Sang-hee, who was a graduate of the ‘Golden 90’, such as Hwang Jung-min, Ryu Seung-ryong, and Ahn Jae-wook.

‘Around the Year Issue’ will be broadcast on KBS2 at 8:30 pm on the 9th.

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