‘Do you eat rice?-Kang Ho-dong’s rice heart’ Nam Chang-hee “MC Jin’s best combination”

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Kang Ho-dong, Kim Shin-young, and Nam Chang-hee come to the viewers with ‘Do you eat rice?

Kang Ho-dong, Kim Shin-young (Aunt Da-bi), and Nam Chang-hee are joined as MCs on the SBS Plus entertainment program ‘Do you eat rice?’ Ahead of the first broadcast, Nam Chang-hee revealed his determination to join the program.

“I want to learn work from good bosses (Kang Ho-dong, Aunt Da-bi). I will assist the two bosses and run the store smoothly,” said Nam Chang-hee, who smiled brightly. “We will make a healthy table so that we can overcome the difficult world with food.” he added.

With Kang Ho-dong and Kim Shin-young, Nam Chang-hee showed great harmony with them, revealing his expectations for other members. He said, “The warm boss, the funny aunt, the smart part-time job. I think it’s the best combination.” He gave a foreboding that it will be a program full of fun and healing.

Nam Chang-hee did not forget to greet viewers. He said, “It would be nice if you could gain a lot of strength through our program. I will have good food and healthy laughter!”

‘Do you eat rice?’, which Kang Ho-dong, Kim Shin-young, and Nam Chang-hee are starring, will be on air on October 12th, 10pm.


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