“We want to collaborate with BTS”…Lee Nal-chi said 2’o clock’s Date

[Eul-hee Noh, Intern Reporter, Daily Economy Star Today]

Lee Nal-chi, a band that contains the hip sensibility of Joseon, filled an hour with ‘Dude’, boasting an unusual talk.

On the afternoon of the 8th, MBC FM4U ‘2’o clock’s Date Muzie, Ahn Young-mi’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘2’o clock’s Date’),’Joseon’s hipster’ band Lee Nal-chi (Jang Young-gyu, Jung Jung-yeop, Lee Chul-hee, Kwon Song-hee, Shin Yu-jin, Ahn Lee-ho, Na-rae) appeared as a guest in the ‘Superior Seat’ corner.

On this day, DJ Muse and Ahn Young-mi introduced the band Lee Nal-chi as “Idol from Joseon,” saying, “These days, because of these people, people who do’one crime a day’ are playing.” “I saw you a year ago and I was really shocked. It’s a topic in the market these days.”

Muzie asked, “I’m curious about what it would have been like when I heard the modifier of the band of interest. Are you realizing the popularity?” Then, Ahn Lee-ho answered, “I’m feeling a little bit lately. It’s so amazing to see people I’ve seen on TV.” Jang Young-gyu added, “I went to the show a few days ago, and a picture of my attendance was taken,” Ahn Young-mi said, “That’s proof that it’s really hot. We don’t even take it.”

In response, Shin Yoo-jin said, “The 30s cannon cameras are shooting towards us. I thought an idol was here, but it was taking us”, and Ahn Young-mi, who saw Lee Nal-chi’s photos taken by reporters, said, “It looks like a picture taken by a Hollywood paparazzi. It certainly makes me laugh when I wear a mask.

The publicity video of the Korea Tourism Organization, which Lee Nal-chi collaborated with the Ambiguous Dance Company, became a hot topic over 200 million views on YouTube. “How did you get this jackpot? When you formed the team last year, did you expect it to appear?”

Jang Young-gyu said, “I met with the members while playing Sugungga’s music play. After the music performance, I wanted to create a band that could sing in the club, so I made it in a hurry last year without a name. But I know how, and since my first performance, public relations gradually came in.” I explained.

Regarding the unique name of Lee Nal-chi, Kwon Song-hee said, “It is actually named after a famous master in the late Joseon Dynasty.” Kwon Song-hee added, “He is a clown who used to walk tightrope. I heard that he got the famous name of Lee Nal-chi because he was good at stringing and making sound. It is not his real name.”

When asked if there was any repulsion due to the unusual name, Kwon Song-hee explained, “I voted for three rounds. The original candidates were ‘Home Address’, ‘Kkang Chong Kkang Chong’, and ‘Harmoniously’,” and the music magazine explained, “Even singer Broccoliner is also a name candidate. It is said that the mother was eating dirt,” and made it a sea of laughter.

Questions about the hit song ‘Tiger is Coming Down’ also followed. Kwon Song-hee said, “In fact, most of the songs in the album are unknown to the author. Because it is literally pansori that has been passed down from the mouth to the mouth, there is a story of how it came from, but the source is unknown.”

Next, Ahn Lee-ho said, “The content of ‘Tiger is Coming Down’ is a story of a bespoke housewife who left to find the dragon king’s medicine,” and said, “While looking for a rabbit liver to heal the king, the moment when a bespoke housewife who found a rabbit difficultly tried to show it is respecting rabbit. “Teacher” is a story of a tiger who had been spectating by mistake and came down from the sky.”

Afterwards, Lee Nal-chi sang a live ‘Tiger is Coming Down’, and an ecstatic rhythm continued as if we had a glimpse of the excitement of our ancestors who rode a timer scene from the past.

The listeners praised them, saying, “It feels like seeing a goblin watching us play,” “The origin of the rap was Korea,” and “pansori was so hip.” The music also praised, “This song should have come out earlier. I am so proud and proud to listen to the song.”

In the honey combination of pansori and amazing bass, Jang Young-gyu explained, “Because pansori leads to a rhythm, there is no harmony. So, I removed all the Hwaseong instruments and put in a drum bass that can lead to rhythm.”

On the other hand, I was looking forward to a collaboration with BTS. When a listener mentioned Lee’s interview on tvN ‘Yoo Quiz on the Block’ and asked, “I’m waiting for collaboration with BTS, is there any talk yet?” Ahn Lee-ho expressed his anticipation, “I don’t have it yet, but I want to look forward to it.” .

I look forward to another challenge for Lee Nal-chi, who properly showed the rhythm of Joseon with a clever ID that mixes pansori and hip-hop melody.

On the other hand, band Lee Nal-chi gained the modifier as’Hipster of Joseon’ as a unique band that combines pansori, bass, and drums.


Photo| MBC Visible Radio Capture

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