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PD Hyun Jeong-wan sent a love call to Na Hoon-ah and Nam Jin.

On the 8th, on the MBC YouTube channel, the production report video of the MBC entertainment program ‘It would be great if you don’t fight’ was released. PD Hyun Jeong-wan, PD Kim Myung-jin, Ahn Jung-hwan, and Boom attended this day.

‘It would be great if you don’t fight’ depicts the self-sufficient life of South Korea’s best friends among celebrities, a real wild season in an extreme environment. Ahn Jung-hwan and Lee Young-pyo, who played an active part in pilot broadcasts, appear for the first time, followed by Park Myung-soo and Haha for the first time since ‘Infinite Challenge’. The two of them unite together.

On this day, PD Hyun Jeong-wan drew attention by saying, “I want to invite Na Hoon-ah and Nam Jin.” Ahn Jung-hwan expressed his affection, saying, “I want to go after me too.”

The current PD sent a love call saying, “It will be difficult, but I still want to serve you,” and Boom raised the expectation by saying, “If you talk with Nam Jin, there are parts that are thankful to each other.’When should I see you once”

PD Kim Myung-jin said, “I saw Na Hoon-ah and Nam-jin appearing on a TV program together in ’87. Na Hoon-ah sang ‘With you’ and Nam Jin sang ‘Weed.’ Showed affection.

‘It would be great if you don’t fight’ will be broadcast for the first time on the 10th at 9:50 pm.


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